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Clearly, they need to get out more, but they can’t help it. Teeth fascinate them.

Xaña Winans


Teia Engel

Vice President Sales Marketing

Jen Bernstein

Senior Account Executive

Alison Micheletti

Account Executive

Bess Cincotta

Account Executive

John Helwig

Account Executive

Christina Sarge

Account Executive

Kelly Way

Project Manager

Brett Hoover

Project Manager

Danny Cole

Director of Web Services

Mark Cresswell

Web Project Manager

Jake Weber

Web Project Manager

Veronika Volkov

Website Developer

Jackie Brown

Website Support Coordinator

Jeff Sebasovich

Digital Advertising Manager

Ashley Roma

Digital Marketing Analyst

Josh Gellock

SEO Manager

Sarah Brown

Senior Graphic Designer

Janaya Buck

Graphic Designer

Miranda Orso


Lori Mann

Chief Operating Officer

Dawn Williams

Accounting Manager

Nickie Cole

Administrative Assistant

Call Screeners