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Do You Want Just One
Dental Marketing Consultant?

Or a committed team of experts?

We admit it. We’re more than a little obsessed with marketing, and a lot obsessed with dentistry. Creating marketing that brings smiles to faces (in more ways than one) is why we come to the office each day. Every one of our dental marketing consultants is personally invested in your success. From our exclusive discovery process to our new client launch call, we take the time to learn what’s important to you. It’s a difference you’ll appreciate.

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Xaña Winans is Golden Proportions Marketing’s Owner, President, resident visionary, and lead strategist. As one of the industry’s most sought-after dental marketing consultants, she collaborates with our team on a diverse group of clients to create strategic advertising solutions with measurable results. Her passion for dentistry is evident in the work that she does, and in the award-winning products GPM produces to help your practice thrive.

Around the office, we all know that Xaña’s knowledge and drive extend well beyond GPM’s walls. You’ll often find her lecturing at some of dentistry’s biggest conventions and study groups as a recognized expert and international speaker on dental marketing. Couple that with over 20 years of experience marketing dentistry, and it’s easy to say that she’s pretty much seen it all.

Xaña’s been married to an accomplished dentist, Dr. Larry Winans, for over 25 years. In their downtime, Xaña and Larry enjoy being the proud parents of two extremely talented children, Ryder and Savannah and a few furry children. She may also turn up courtside with Jen Bernstein at any number of Bucknell Basketball games helping cheer the Bison on to victory.

Once upon a time when GPM was beginning to make its mark in the dental marketing world, Teia Engel was a savvy Senior Account Executive. With an entire career dedicated to healthcare marketing, Teia has accumulated a wealth of valuable knowledge and skills that are extremely relevant to all things dentistry and her position as our Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

She understands the power of your brand, the need for consistency in your messaging, and the compelling results dental marketing ideas can deliver. It’s valuable experience that comes with over a decade of advertising expertise and sales wisdom. Teia is also our curator of innovation, continually making sure our team offers clients like you inventive, contemporary solutions that we can track and measure for results you can see. Teia develops and executes the sales and marketing initiatives for GPM, GPM Express, and Smart Market Dental.

Outside of the office, Teia fulfills her most favorite role, as a proud parent to two “crazy and wild” boys alongside her husband, Brian. The family lives life to the fullest and always seems to be on the go. When it’s warm out, you might find them relaxing by the beautiful Susquehanna River or hitting the slopes in the winter.

As Chief Operating Officer, Lori Mann can tell you that, on any given day, a lot is going on at our bustling dental marketing agency. She oversees daily operations of the agency so that the Golden Proportions Marketing team can keep growing and progressing like the strategic, yet fun-loving, machine that we are.

Lori started working at GPM in 2002 as a Graphic Designer, before being promoted to the position of Creative Director where she honed her skills leading the creative team before taking the role of COO. Over the years, she’s remained a consummate professional, always displaying a positive attitude and genuine passion for her work. She’s also gained a unique perspective on the dental industry and what it takes to market your practice profitably.

Being a self-proclaimed foodie, you may find Lori preparing delicious dishes at home or enjoying a night out with her husband and two children. They enjoy traveling together as a family and experiencing the thrill of trying new and exciting things.

Danny Cole is a web genius extraordinaire and our guru for all aspects of digital dental marketing. He oversees our team’s dental website designs, SEO, social media campaigns, and AdWords strategies that drive potential patients to your practice – the list goes on and on. On top of everything else, he also oversees our talented web department and every single piece of digital marketing that they produce.

Danny makes sure whatever we do for you is driven by the power of conversion. Conversion, after all, is what it’s all about. A beautiful dental website is just an online brochure until the phone rings with calls from new patients. We count on Danny to join design, content, and SEO together into a new patient machine.

Who’s the man behind the mastership? Well, Danny is kind, loyal, brave (he raises bees in his backyard – if that’s not brave, we don’t know what is), and a fan of the art of tattooing. After work (and probably at work, at least through his headphones), Danny rocks Central PA as a highly requested DJ.

If you had asked Dawn Williams her dream job as a child, she probably would have told you she’d love to spend her days doing business at a bank. These days, her natural monetary instincts and incredibly sharp eye keep GPM’s financials in precise order as our trusted Accounting Manager. We know we can always bank on Dawn’s savvy budgetary skills and keen attention to detail to help make your marketing affordable.

She loves math, accounting, and organizing data which she thinks makes her kind of “geeky.” We think it’s just one of the many characteristics that make her really good at her job and helping clients. Dawn loves a good challenge or a last-minute project that needs to be wrapped up at warp speed. (This helps explain why she has a fondness for game shows, board games, puzzles, and card games.) She also tackles GPM’s human resource requirements and loves helping her co-workers whenever she has the opportunity.

Outside of the office, you’ll probably find Dawn with her family including her husband (her high school sweetheart who she’s been married to for 30 years), her daughter Lindsay, son Zack and his wife Jenny, and granddaughter Payton.

With well over a decade of dental marketing wisdom under her belt, Jen Bernstein can relate to experiences from hundreds of clients who have come to her for honest advice and a sound game plan. That’s why we’re lucky to have this clever strategist as our Senior Dental Marketing Strategist. She’s always looking to create dental marketing ideas that get results. When you work with Jen, you’ll quickly see that she’s an experienced planner who works with clients every step of the way from start to finish.

She has a remarkable ability to get to the heart of your marketing or dental consulting problem and give you a clear solution on how to fix it. She confidently addresses her clients’ needs with the goal of not just attracting new patients but attracting the right kind of patients. 

Outside of the office, Jen is as busy keeping up with her husband Scott and their daughter Sammy who seems to embody the best of both of them. Along with Xaña, she’s a pretty avid fan of the Bucknell Bison basketball team and can wax poetic about college hoops better than most men.


Alison defected to GPM from the wide world of sports marketing. Forget the NBA; she earned her marketing MBA, which makes her an even more dangerous player in the dental marketing and dental consulting worlds. Alison’s highly strategic way of thinking, combined with her creative writing abilities, helped her quickly progress from a Project Manager into a veteran Dental Marketing Strategist.

Xaña has said she knew she found the right person for the job immediately after Alison left her initial job interview, primarily because there was an unmistakable “do the right thing” vibe that drives all of Alison’s decisions. Alison is always invested in her clients’ success. Alison isn’t quick to recommend something that just won’t work, proving you can’t go wrong by doing the right thing. Alison stands behind her work, and so do we.

When she isn’t hard at work in the office, you might find her in the line-up, facing off on the field hockey field or playing relationship mediator with her pets.


Christina joined the team as a Dental Marketing Strategist after spending a decade of her career in pharmaceutical sales and as a physician liaison for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. If you want to know how to network your practice with other specialists and doctors in your area, she’s your go-to genius.

A natural born communicator, Christina’s degree in Business Management and Marketing makes her a perfect fit for our clients. She understands the role that sales plays in every part of the patient’s decision-making process and frequently coaches our clients on the language skills needed to turn a shopper into a lifelong patient and advocate for the practice.

Christina and her husband Matt are raising Skylar and William, spending most of their time involved in family activities – unless, of course, there’s a Penn State football game on TV. They are such ardent fans of Penn State football that they scheduled their wedding around the games. Now that’s a serious fan.


Erica Lipton is a big city girl (born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area) who has converted to the rural Central Pennsylvania life. The move West to East worked out well for Erica – she started her own family. It worked out well for us – we found another dental marketing expert with a deep desire to help dentists and their practice’s grow and succeed. Erica excels in getting to know clients like you, listening to your goals, and becoming an advisor and business partner you can trust to tell you the truth every step of the way.

Luckily for us, Erica also fell in love with the marketing industry and says she’s currently working her dream job as our Business Development Executive. Her marketing savvy is backed by a team with 18+ years of experience in dental marketing and consulting. Erica has a passion for solving problems, which she does by getting to know people. She is also the kind of person who has no problem striking up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime. (She even enjoys public speaking.) Her motto? We become what we think about, so focus on what you want.

As a father/daughter tradition, she spent time waist deep in beautiful glacier water, salmon fishing in the Kenai River in Alaska with her dad. Erica shares her love of the outdoors with her family and loves being anywhere near the water (preferably fishing).

Brett Hoover likes to take a somewhat circuitous route through life. He has managed projects and job trafficking for ad agencies and printers and even spent time working in Germany. When he finally decided to relax and come home, we snagged his experienced and adventurous spirit to join our team as an Account Coordinator. He loves working with clients, listening carefully so that your ideas and goals are heard and represented.

Brett brings organization, attention to detail, and a very thoughtful, inquisitive approach to the dental consulting work that he does for you. He also thinks at least five steps ahead on everything, which makes him a dental marketing ninja filled with ideas you’ll love. (We think this probably makes Brett a very challenging opponent in a game of chess.)

In his downtime, Brett rides motorcycles and roller coasters, the last of which is a death-defying feat given his fear of heights. After almost two decades of wanderlust, he is happy to be settled back in Central Pennsylvania with his partner Kylene and their son, Landon.

We call Kelly Way “the juggler,” because she’s extremely good at handling the numerous jobs our Account Team throw her way as Account Coordinator. Kelly works seamlessly with our Account Team to keep your projects on target so that they clearly represent your personality and your practice’s personality. Kelly also knows how important it is that your projects meet their intended deadlines. These are just a few of the many reasons Kelly is a valued asset to GPM and your practice.

She certainly knows her way around the dental marketing and dental consulting worlds, having been an integral part of GPM since 2007. Kelly spent many years as a media planner as well, so she understands what it takes to build you a highly strategic media plan.

She also has a knack for extreme couponing and recreating Pinterest ideas with such precision that her kids’ imaginative school snacks and weekend craft projects are envy-worthy. Kelly lives in Watsontown with her daughters and husband.

If there were a book titled, “Graphic Design for Dentists,” we’re pretty sure Sarah Brown could write it in her sleep. After 15 years on the GPM team as a graphic designer, she can adapt to nearly any brand style (except dancing teeth) or dental logo design and make it look like it came from Madison Avenue.

Her talents don’t stop at logos. Websites, social media campaigns, television commercials, and every conceivable type of print marketing are instantly transformed from “unassuming” to “unbelievable” in her competent and capable hands. Sarah has an uncanny ability and highly sought-after skill to create eye-catching designs that will make you and your brand look upscale, professional, and elegant.

Sarah spends her time post-design with her husband John and her adorable son Brody. Art is never far from her mind though. You can find her practicing photography and painting brilliant watercolors to help her relax.

Our decision to add this self-professed “color queen” to the GPM family was without a doubt a black and white decision. Janaya discovered at an early age that art was where she felt most “at home,” but growing up as a true, full-blooded millennial and having the world digitally at her finger-tips, she naturally slipped into the social media realm and found her passion through the waves of connecting with others virtually.

Her initial love of design, color theory, and story-telling made it an obvious choice to deem her our in-house queen of social media for dentists. She loves the challenge of helping our clients reach new viewers on social media and is constantly innovating ways to increase engagement on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and everything in between. She’s also the mastermind behind GPM’s social media accounts and specifically asked us to add a shameless plug here for her favorite platform, Instagram, so be sure to follow us @goldenproportionsmarketing 😉

When this determined “goal-digger” isn’t drafting crafty designs in the office, she’s doing her best to be a baller – and by that we mean bowler. Having been knocking down pins since age 5, Janaya says that’s about as “Sporty Spice” as she gets. Janaya also enjoys spending time with her dogs Maggie and Lucy, and channeling her inner Joanna Gaines while renovating and decorating her home.

Before grinding out dental copywriting about all things teeth, Miranda Orso followed her nose for news as a reporter in the arctic tundra of upstate New York and Vermont. Her favorite beat? Covering crime. When she’s feeling nostalgic, you might find Miranda tuned in to big-city police scanners on her phone or schmoozing with men in uniform for no real reason.

Ask her what one of the most fun and challenging things about copywriting for dentists, and Miranda will tell you that it’s figuring out how to say the same thing a million different, and effective ways, so you don’t get the same cookie cutter message as your competition down the street. She knows how to create clear messages that will engage and convert your targeted audience of potential patients.

She dreams of one day being whisked away to the Big Apple to cover baseball and the New York Mets beat, but for now, she’s happy spending time with her family, her daughter Lily, and her cat Oprah.

Jackie Brown joined GPM many years ago as our Website Support Coordinator. She is wicked smart, exceptionally cool, extremely detail oriented, and very hard to rattle. She’s obsessed with organizational charts and lists that keep our digital marketing projects rolling, usually way ahead of schedule. Her broad range of knowledge on this subject will help you gain a better understanding of how to maneuver through the world of dental internet marketing. If we could duplicate her (she’s a Mensa member – I bet she could figure it out), we would gladly take 10 of her.

You or your team will probably need Jackie’s assistance at some point. She’s our go-to-gal for teaching you how to use our digital marketing tools (SEO, social media, and dental websites – to name a few) and making sure your site updates happen accurately and quickly.

Before getting her degree in Speech Communications at Penn State, Jackie attended culinary school and earned a degree in baking – which she routinely uses to fatten us up. We kindly eat her creations just to be nice, not because they’re insanely delicious or anything. She and her husband Mike live in Lock Haven and are the proud parents of Josette (a Husky), Quintus Lucius (English Bulldog), and Sassy (generic brand cat).

Jeff Sebasovich brings insight and expertise of Google AdWords and web development to his role as our Digital Advertising Specialist. He’s Google AdWords Certified across all platforms, an experienced web developer, and skilled in making your campaign produce powerful results.

As a self-proclaimed Star Wars and Batman fanatic, we’re beginning to wonder if his beard yields some otherworldly, superhuman powers designed to help us crush the competition. You’ll find that he’s also a conversion ninja who makes doing AdWords for dentists (and doing it well) extremely easy. This means more new patients will quickly find you and choose your office over the competition.

When he’s away from a computer, Jeff and his wife Shaelyn are parents to daughters Sydney, Lorelei, and Lucy. Listening to music, playing guitar, going to concerts, watching sports like football and hockey, and binge-watching Netflix might also be on his entertainment agenda.

Ever see the movie Moneyball? It’s the true story of how the Oakland A’s used statistical analysis to transform an average team into an exceptional one. As our Digital Marketing Analyst, Ashley does the same thing, only with your pay-per-click campaigns. She performs a deep dive analysis of every factor that impacts your success – from keywords to your conversion rate – and comes up with a proven formula for pay-per-click magic.

With an MBA in marketing and Google certification in all levels of Adwords products, Ashley knew she was destined for agency life. Ashley works side by side with Jeff Sebasovich to consistently measure, monitor and maximize your digital marketing results. Together, they make a heck of a team.

Her time out of the office revolves around her adorable daughters Scarlett and McKenzie Grace, a passion for reading, and a love of amateur photography.

We (particularly Marie Howey) spend a lot of time researching and implementing on-page and technical dental SEO tactics designed to deliver results. It’s why she excels as an SEO Specialist.

Marie’s motto? What good is having a beautiful, functional website if it doesn’t show up in online searches? It all comes down to SEO for dentists and happiness. She’s constantly finding the newest ways to keep or make Google happy, in effect boosting your dental SEO efforts (and your happiness), so you can make more new patients happy. Your office stands out in the eyes of customers and Google with a reputation for delivering quality content on a well-crafted website.

Fascinated by web development in high school, Marie admits her “old school” hobby of experimenting with coding and customizing her own MySpace templates may have caused her to get caught up in the web and online world. She soon realized the field was the perfect opportunity to utilize her unique combination of having a “technical” brain and also a bright, creative side. It was the drive behind her earning a degree in Web and Interactive Media from the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Marie has extensive experience working as both a Front- and Back-End Web Developer, as well as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Away from the world of dental internet marketing, Marie enjoys hiking, bike rides and spending time with her family – her daughter Maylene, her boyfriend Cody, and his daughter Leilani. She also loves cheering on the Pittsburgh Pirates, rock climbing, and painting watercolors.

Mark was a welcome addition to our incredibly savvy dental web design and development team due to his wealth of knowledge about all things web. As a Web Account Coordinator, he meets tight deadlines and keeps website projects on track, while handling every step of the process with patience and perseverance. His uncle is a dentist, so he fits right in with our dentally OCD type team.

Mark knows how to speak about digital marketing in layman’s terms to help you understand how everything works towards your benefit. One of our greatest goals, and certainly one of his biggest priorities, is to develop a dental website for you that reflects your personalized message to patients.

Mark and his wife Jen stay busy raising their young son Owen and their sweet Goldendoodle Oogie. When he’s not working on websites, Mark is an avid sports enthusiast. Soccer, basketball, snowboarding, and hiking help to balance his passion for creating custom dental websites that are attractive and engaging. He’s also quite the music aficionado, playing numerous gigs at various local venues on the weekends.

Since Jake is GPM’s self-proclaimed movie buff, with a particular affinity for Quentin Tarantino flicks, a Pulp Fiction analogy is only fitting to describe one of the many reasons why we’re thrilled to have him. Like the unique characters in the iconic 90’s flick, Jake exudes a “comfortable cool” that lends itself to his busy position as a Website Account Coordinator. He’s always working to efficiently plan, delegate, and execute every aspect of building custom dental websites – for an on-time and on-target performance that genuinely reflects your message and represents your brand.

His hands-on work experience includes a solid foundation of practical coordination, communication, leadership, and logistics, making him an ideal leading man for the job and another awesome addition to our insanely smart web team. Jake can quickly break down the steps so you can understand all of the behind-the-scenes action that goes on during your dental website design.

When he’s not engrossed in watching the latest feature film, you might find Jake playing the role of master chef in the kitchen with help from his sous chef/dog named Chubbs. He enjoys expanding his recipe knowledge and says his dream job would be traveling, eating, and writing à la Anthony Bourdain. We’re willing to bet he knows how to make a mean “Royale with Cheese.”

Nickie Cole grew up near Hughesville, PA but later moved to Kansas City, calling the “Paris of the Plains” home for 15 years. 

At GPM, Nickie puts those skills (and so many others) to good use as our Administrative Assistant for all of our dental office marketing services and solutions. Nickie greets clients over the phone, helps our Accounting Manager, runs reports, and because she’s so darn good at what she does, we’ve also put her in charge of GPM Express orders. When you need customized wall art, banners, postcards, or print ads, Nickie can help you find your ideal marketing solution.

She stays busy at home (when it’s not snowing) tending to her vegetable and herb gardens, fruit trees, and grapevines to cultivate some fresh ingredients that allow this self-professed gourmand to create some deliciously captivating dishes. When she’s not playing with her pets or spending time with her boyfriend, you also might find her partying like it’s 1999 to her favorite musician – Prince.

This great group of screeners has no hang-ups when it comes to dental call tracking. They are dialed-in devotees, busy analyzing conversations to see what your patients – or more importantly, your potential patients – are looking for. Are you missing calls after hours or at lunchtime? Does your team need additional training to convert callers into appointments? The screeners are ready to find out by identifying your opportunities for increased conversion after our marketing efforts start to make your phone ring.

The screeners are ready, armed with the secret weapon of call tracking software for dentists. You get analytics you can easily understand and use to your benefit. And they don’t stop there. Their proven call tracking metrics are put to good use to isolate what leads come from individual media sources instantly, so we know what’s working for you and where we need to make changes.

It might not sound like a lot of fun, but these crafty folks take great pride in staying on the line. Believe it or not, they see time spent combing through calls as a perfect opportunity to help make sure your practice and your marketing is successful.

The only thing that trumps a lovable Golden Retriever is a brand new puppy. Knowing that Barley couldn’t spend the day alone at only eight weeks old, Xaña brought him to the office where he made fast friends with everyone he met, because, well, “the hair” (it’s his signature look). Barley has grown to prefer “Aunt Dawn” and “Aunt Nickie” to Xaña, likely because they happily give him love, treats, and walks upon request.

Barley has given the rest of the team puppy fever, and now Teia, Janaya, and Mark have joined the ranks of new puppy parenthood. Barley is thrilled to have a few playmates at the office to keep him company.

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