Group Dental Practice Marketing

Group Practices

Complete marketing solutions for growing groups

DSOs, DMOs, SGNs, and large multi-doctor practices are in the business of growth. Competition is at an all-time high, and corporate owners expect bottom-line results. Yet, most groups have a modest marketing department and need experienced support.

With over a decade of experience in group dental practice marketing, we provide a turnkey solution for your group or DSO. Our plans address branding, new location acquisition and market launches, all aspects of practice marketing, and a laser focus on return on investment of your marketing. As a full-service dental marketing company, you’ll have a dedicated team that manages your strategic planning, creative development, and team marketing coaching.

For Groups and DSO's who want to grow

You need an experienced dental marketing agency that understands the power of branding, the importance of individualized plans to support each location, and predictable, measurable growth strategies. We deliver results. Here’s how:

  • Branding and USP Development
  • Location Specific Strategies
  • Community Connection Marketing
  • Brand Awareness Marketing
  • Turnkey New Location Plans
  • Real-time ROI Measurement


We absolutely love working with groups, multi-locations, DSOs…you name it. Why? Because you understand the power of the brand. Larger practices with multiple locations mean we can build a brand and a reputation that dominates your market. You want your group’s name on everyone’s lips, and so do we.

As the owner or marketing director of your group practice, you appreciate the business of dentistry and the power of marketing. You know it’s ultimately about the bottom line. Your marketing simply has to deliver results – your team is counting on it. At Golden Proportions Marketing, we understand both people and profits. That’s why group practices across the country count on us.


Golden Proportions Marketing
Golden Proportions Marketing