Dental Marketing Lectures

Dental Marketing Lectures

Become a smarter dental marketer

Dental marketing lectures are a hot topic for audiences everywhere, whether online or in person. After a lifetime of “referral-only” marketing, the world has woken up and dental marketing is everywhere. As small business owners, dentists need to know the principles of dental marketing in the same way they need to know about new clinical procedures and evolving technology.

Fulfill your audience’s growing demand for practice management and marketing knowledge by booking a member of our speaking team. Our dental marketing experts can entertain and educate your audience on a range of topics.

Topics for every dental audience

Choose from full-day, half-day, and 2-hour lecture topics. By the time we’re done, the world of marketing will become much clearer, and your group will walk away with dozens of immediately actionable items to improve their practice.


You Had Me at Hello: Marketing Conversion Tactics

It’s not enough just to get the attention of your prospective patients by reaching the top of page one anymore. In fact, reaching the top of Google is only half the battle. If your marketing doesn’t employ conversion-driven tactics, you’ll lose that prospect to another office. Audiences will learn the theory of conversion marketing, as well as real-time, actionable tips to improve the impact of what they’re already doing.


The Acronyms of Success: KPI, ROI, CPL, and CPA

Many practices are hesitant to invest in dental marketing simply because they’ve been burned in the past with what felt like mediocre results. The problem is, dentists should never “feel” their results, they should know. This course will teach doctors and teams how to measure every campaign, learn how their results compare to industry standards, and regain control of their budget by understanding the primary metrics of success.


You Get What You Pay For: Maximizing Your Online Marketing Strategies

When you don’t have time to wait for organic results from SEO and social media, Google ads, Facebook ads, and the like can generate instant visibility. You can also waste a lot of money when you don’t know what you’re doing. Audiences will learn how to maximize every dollar spent on all types of dental PPC while increasing new patient calls.


The Digital Revolution: Lead Generation for a New Generation

Dental PPC is here to stay and it evolves at a crazy pace. Keeping up can be challenging, but we’ll introduce doctors and teams to all of the primary online lead-generation strategies, including ads on Google search, Google Maps, Google display, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Yelp. Retargeting strategies and geotargeting will round out this complete overview of new ways to make the phone ring with new patients.


No More Shiny Objects: Marketing Strategy & Long-Term Planning

It’s easy to get sucked in by all the online “gurus” promising overnight success, if only you tried their one flawless strategy that works for every dentist in the world. Or, dentists can learn the foundations of developing a successful marketing strategy that will grow their practice with consistent and predictable results.


Wait, Who Are You Again? Steps to Creating a Memorable Brand

In this fast moving world of online marketing, it’s easy to overlook the humble concept of a brand. And yet, a brand is what makes a prospective patient choose you over the competition. A brand anchors you in the mind of your prospect, so the decision of who to call becomes inherently easy. Audiences will learn what constitutes a strong brand and how to build a memorable brand reputation in their local community.

Meet Xaña Winans

An In-Demand Dental Marketing Speaker

Xaña Winans, CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, is a 25-year veteran of the dental marketing industry. Her speaking style brings clarity to previously confusing concepts, and her lectures include an emphasis on actionable steps that put doctors and teams in greater control of the outcome of their marketing. A highly requested speaker, she lectures regularly at national meetings, state meetings, study clubs, and on a regular circuit of podcasts.

– Greater New York Dental Meeting
– Yankee Dental Congress
– American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
– British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
– The Pankey Institute
– Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
– Texas Dental Association
– Virginia Dental Association
– Six Month Smiles Annual Conference
– The International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics
– Numerous National Podcasts
– Various Study Club Meetings

2023 Speaking Dates

– Maui Postgraduate Dental Forum – January 13
– Hawaii Interactive Peer Practicum – January 18
– Women in Dentistry by Patterson Dental – February 3
– San Diego Seattle Study Club – March 9
– ICCMO – October 5

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