Dental Brands

Dental Brands

Need a New Dental Brand?

Your dental brand is the first thing people see. Your logo, and how it’s used in your communications and dental advertising, sets the stage for every experience they have with you. Does your branding truly differentiate you, or does it look like every logo you’ve ever seen for a dental office?

Make your brand memorable

Logos of teeth and toothbrushes may seem obvious to help people understand what you do, but they also make you indistinguishable from every other office using a tooth or a toothbrush in their logo (and there are tens of thousands of those – we’ve counted). You are not like everyone else. There’s a reason people choose your office, and it belongs in your brand.

Ready to reinvent yourself? Refresh your dental brand

You don’t need to be a start-up dental practice to need a new dental brand identity. Every practice can benefit from a brand refresh to bring attention to their practice or update their message. Does this sound familiar?


The Transition

I’m planning my exit strategy. It’s a lot easier to sell a practice with a brand versus my own name.


The Associate

I’ve added an associate and now’s as good a time as any to update my brand.


The New Location

I’m planning on a move. Before I invest in all new stationery and signage, it’s time to get current.


The Competition

I know 4 other dentists who use the same tagline as me. I need to differentiate my practice.


The Update

My dental logo uses a font from flower-power days. It’s time for an updated look.


The Refresh

What do you mean mauve and seafoam green are no longer the cool colors?

Complete Contemporary dental branding

Your solution is simple. A clean, yet creative dental brand, based on your tastes and preferences, backed by decades of experience and our keen eye for composition. Our dental marketing team has designed hundreds of dental logos and brands. Let us take your brand from ordinary, to what you really are – extraordinary.

Your Brand Tells A story

Your Dental Office Brand is Everything

You can have the best marketing…the most incredible offers…the biggest marketing budget…and none of it will have the same impact without a memorable brand. However, inviting strangers on the web to design your dental brand is like asking someone on the street to name your baby. It will have absolutely no meaning to you. We take branding seriously, because this is who you are.

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I cannot say enough GREAT things about their team! We are almost done with our logo redesign – we’re on round 5 – and on every round, we’ve been presented with thoughtful, creative options that capture the personality of our organization in one way or several. It has been an absolute delight to see their work along through this process.

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We have looked for years for a marketing group that could reflect the true image of our cosmetic/implant dental office and Golden Proportions has gone on and beyond our expectations


Dental Branding Questions & Answers

You’ve put a lot of time and thought into creating your perfect dental office brand, and you want to protect it. Many offices have asked us if they can trademark or copyright a practice name, logo or tagline. Names and taglines are harder to protect, but a logo can most definitely be trademarked. If you’re a larger office with several locations, trademarking your dental logo makes sense, but for a solo practitioner pulling from a small local radius, it typically isn’t worth the expense.

Once you have your new dental office logo designed, it’s time to extend that branding to every part of the patient experience. Update your office signage to reflect the brand, both on the door and any monument-style signage. Add your logo to all your treatment room monitors as your screen saver. Put it on office brochures and folders. Add it to pens, mugs, toothbrushes, hygiene bags, and anything you might give away at a health fair or community event. Proudly shout it from the rooftops so patients come to associate your practice and your values with your new brand!

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