Dental Social Media

Dental Social Media

Engaging Dental Social Media Posts

We know you have a love/hate relationship with dental social media. It can be intimidating! Maybe your practice is a little active on Facebook (and probably uncomfortable about what to post), and lately you feel like you’re missing out on other trending social channels. Or maybe you haven’t even started any social profiles because you’re not personally on Facebook or Instagram, and you just don’t see the value. Besides, how are you ever going to make social media posts about dentistry interesting and engaging? You’re just not that kind of person!

Feeling socially awkward?

Social media can make even the outgoing dentist feel uncomfortable and unpopular some days. We get it. If only there were a dental social media sherpa…someone who understood every social media channel and could coach you and your team on how to get online and have fun with your patients instead of following some formulized social product. You’re in luck, because that’s exactly how we can help with social media marketing for dentists.

Custom social media for dentists just like you

Our social media strategist coaches our clients on a personalized content strategy, while our dental social media marketing team grows your fan base and drives engagement. The Golden Proportions social media team will build your audience seemingly overnight, create content calendars to inspire your team and keep them on track, and then we’ll help share your message to keep fans and followers engaged.


Custom Content Strategies

To get maximum engagement, social media has to be custom and authentic to your brand. Our strategies are carefully designed to highlight your greatest strengths and your true personality


Social Media Coaching

Teams who work with our social media coach get one-on-one instruction on how to engage patients, and how to create likable content. Doctors can comfortably step back and let their teams learn and grow so they can support the practice.


Custom Social Media Pages & Posts

Social media for dentists is about authenticity, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your brand. We’ll create branded frames and backgrounds to help your posts reinforce your practice identity.


Audience Growth Programs & Promotions

If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one to hear it, does it make a noise? All the posting in the world is irrelevant without an audience to read it and love it. We work to create a localized, engaged audience who truly wants to hear from you.


Targeted Boosting & Advertising

Organic engagement from your social media audience is ideal, but some posts benefit from an added boost. We’ll boost high-performing posts, and use targeted ads to improve your reach.

Ready to get social? Start with our free guide

Social Media for Dentists

To become socially savvy

Act Authentic

One of the most important benefits of social media is that it humanizes you. It can build trust with fearful patients and show them that you genuinely care about helping them get healthy. We know it can be difficult to show off that side of yourself, but once we’re done, no longer will you feel intimidated and directionless about social. We’ll give you the social savvy to build top-of-mind awareness for your brand.

Dental Social Media Questions & Answers

There are so many types of posts that could engage your audience! When you go for CE, post a “where in the world is Dr. Smith?” post and get people guessing where you are and what you’re learning about. Share photos and videos of team birthdays and patient milestone anniversaries. Tell patients what you do on the weekend and what inspires you to provide the best care possible. Looking for more ideas? Schedule a consultation with our dental social media strategist!

There are a lot of options in social media and each have their own demographics. Facebook is great for patients of restorative care age. Instagram is excellent to reach young families or future ortho patients. Pinterest is a perfect place to capture a mom looking for ideas on how to make braces comfortable. TikTok was a pandemic phenom, but with a primarily 18-24 year old demographic, choose this avenue for young family practices, or use the app to share that content to other social accounts. The point is, be sure to choose the right channel to match your audience.

If you have highly engaging content (think fun and humorous) you can expect to reach more people, because your posts will be shared. You can also join local community groups, or mom’s pages, and answer questions about general dental care. Facebook is more about brand awareness than direct new patient leads (though those are not uncommon) so make sure to approach it with the right expectations.

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