The Most Authentic Dental Marketing

Comes From Us, Getting to Know You

Authenticity in dental marketing isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a movement. Patients assume that as a dentist, you already know how to perform dentistry. What they really want is to get to know the doctor and team who will be taking care of them. We find our clients feel the same way about meeting our team.

We feel the same about getting to know you and your team. We want to learn your practice philosophy and hear what keeps you passionate about dentistry, all so we can craft a message that feels like you.

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Success Is A Team Effort

When you’re a client of Golden Proportions Marketing, we want you to be an active part of the dental marketing process. To us, you are a valued partner, not just a client. We are representing your business, and the only way to create an authentic message is by hearing your voice.

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It’s Time To Get Growing

Comprehensive marketing for dentists is all we do. It’s who we are. In fact, you might say we’re a little obsessed. 18 years and 1500+ dental clients will do that to you. What does that mean for you? Experienced, proven growth strategies backed by passionate people.

Choosing a dental marketing company isn’t easy. You’re building a relationship with a group that can have a significant impact on your practice, so it’s vital that you work with dental marketers whose values match your own. Our culture drives how we work together, which ultimately impacts the work we... Read More...

The Culture
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The Culture Hero Image
The Culture Hero Image

We admit it. We’re more than a little obsessed with marketing, and a lot obsessed with dentistry. Creating marketing that brings smiles to faces (in more ways than one) is why we come to the office each day. Every member of your GPM dental marketing team is personally invested in... Read More...

The People
About Us > The People

Happy team members are easy to spot in your office. You see it in the work they do, in the care they give to their patients, and in how they treat one another. It’s no different at our dental advertising agency. Everyone on the GPM team plays an intricate role... Read More...

Behind the Scenes
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Behind the Scenes Hero Image
Behind the Scenes Hero Image

Reviews can make you or break you. You know how much that 5-star rating means to a potential patient, and we expect you’ll do similar homework on us before you call. So go ahead and check out our glowing feedback on Facebook and Google, or just skim through the reviews... Read More...

The Fans
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