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just isn’t in our vocabulary

Back in 2001, GPM redefined what dental marketing should look like. No more logos featuring pointy dental instruments or print ads jammed to the ceiling with too much copy. We knew that good dental marketing could combine both form and function. (Wow, we really have been in dental marketing forever. Now your language has become our language).

Enough said. You know what you’re here for. Pick a category and get busy.

Internet Marketing


Not having a website is equivalent to not having a phone number. An outdated website might actually be worse.

Website Videos

Build a personal connection with patients before they even call.

Fan / Follower Campaigns

Just having a Facebook page doesn’t make you popular. But our Fan and Follower campaigns sure will.

Social Media Profile Design

Your social media profile is your public face every time you write a post. We’ll make sure it represents you perfectly.

Email Marketing

Just as effective as printed newsletters, but without the postage!

Facebook Ads

Your Facebook addiction is about to hit a whole new level.

External Marketing

Print Ads

In an internet world, print still packs a powerful punch.

TV Commercials

We’ll help you become a celebrity in your own backyard.

Radio Spots

Teeth may be visual, but great radio spots can put your audience’s imaginations to work.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Looking for incredibly targeted patients? Direct mail is just that – direct.

New Movers Campaigns

They’re not just new neighbors, they’re potential new patients. We’ll help you reach them first.

Mini Magazines

Mini-magazines are like a Top Dentist magazine profile on steroids.

Newspaper Inserts

The perfect medium for immediate results and limited time offers.

Billboards / Outdoor

There are 254 million cars on the road. Need we say more?

Banners / Window Signage

Take a page from shopper savvy retailers and use window signage and banners to draw attention.

Internal Marketing

Logos / Brand Identity

Artistic, Contemporary, Traditional, Wild Child – we’ll create a logo that reflects you perfectly.


It may be the digital age, but we bet you still use business cards and letterhead every single day.


Free new patients – available every day – with attractive, visible signage.

Brochures / New Patient Packets

Do your new patients (or your existing ones) know everything you do?

Patient Referral Programs

Turn your existing patients into walking, talking advocates of your practice.

Patient Photography / Wall Art

The best possible way to show off all that continuing education.

Testimonial Albums

You made your patients look good, now let them return the favor.


Want to stay in touch and keep it personal with your patients? Think newsletters.

On Hold Messages

Helloooo? Did I get disconnected? With our custom messages we’ll make time on hold fly by.

Open House Invitations

You know this is just an excuse to throw a good party. Can we come?

Professional Referral Pads

Want more cosmetic cases, sleep apnea, TMD or sedation? Act like a specialist.