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Digital Marketing For Dentists

There’s no feeling in the world like ranking at the top of Google for “Dentist Near Me.” It’s like new patient gold when you reach that coveted spot. But if you’re in an urban market with a lot of competition, it can feel impossible. Not to worry, there are thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of 19-year-old “Internet marketing specialists” who will be happy to take your money and experiment with your dentist PPC (pay-per-click) budget. Now that is a terrifying thought. And that’s why you need to choose a certified dentist PPC agency that you can trust to meet your expectations and utilize today’s best practices to plan, design, and manage your PPC campaigns.

A Google-Certified Agency

As a Google Certified Partner Agency, our dental PPC marketing team had to complete extensive training in all types of Google Advertising, from search and display to mobile, video, and shopping – and that was just to join the department. To stay ahead of Google’s ongoing changes and exceed our own exacting standards for success, our team attends ongoing continuing education about the latest changes in the world of PPC dental marketing. Don’t you deserve a certified, respected dental PPC management partner who will maximize your campaign results?

Dental Pay Per Click Results

Every client campaign undergoes our detailed process to set them up for success. Your dental marketing company will learn the types of new patients you want to reach, work with you to establish an effective budget, and gather your landing page assets. As an established dental PPC marketing agency, we follow a proven process that includes:


Targeted Keyword Selection

When you spend millions of dollars a year with Google, managing hundreds of campaigns, you quickly learn what’s a “money keyword” and what’s a “don’t waste your money” keyword. Our ongoing dental PPC keyword research means we’ll get you the highest conversions, at the lowest cost per click. PPC for dentists can be very competitive, and success often comes down to making the right keyword choices. And that’s why you want an experienced PPC dental agency on your side.


Geographic Targeting

Geographic targeting ensures that your dental advertising is only seen by the patients in your market area who are most likely to respond to your ad. Sure, it’s great to blanket the entire metro area with your ads, but is it cost effective? No. That’s why we geo-target PPC ads for dentists with laser precision.


Budget Recommendations

Based on data from hundreds of similar campaigns, we are able to predict if the budget for your desired campaign will see a positive return on investment; before you even start. Our data-based budgets mean we only set up campaigns where we feel confident about conversion and ROI.


Optimized Landing Page Development

If your current pay-per-click campaign sends a lead to your website, you’re wasting resources and confusing your lead. Conversion-driven landing pages keep your audience focused on exactly what matters – the service they are looking for.


Conversion-Driven Ad Content

Here’s the real insider secret to working with a dental PPC company. We’ve learned the secret sauce for a perfect pay-per-click ad because we’ve done it over and over for thousands of dental advertising campaigns. The secret formula for writing a PPC ad that converts is all based on data.


Campaign-Level Call Tracking

There’s a saying in marketing: If you can’t track it, you can’t improve it. Every ad campaign gets a dedicated tracking number to measure its response and conversion. When connected to Smart Market Dental, we can easily measure the exact ROI of every single campaign for complete transparency.


Ongoing Campaign Optimization

Our team is active in every client’s dental PPC campaign on a weekly basis, targeting negative keywords (surely you don’t want to waste clicks on people searching for “cheap dental work” do you?), A/B testing various aspects of your landing page, and updating various targeting options to improve your results. With the competitiveness of PPC for dental practices, it’s crucial to only drive high-quality traffic that results in profitable appointment bookings.

Your dental internet marketing options

If you want to market your practice on the internet, the options can feel limitless – and overwhelming. Depending on your goals and your budget, we may recommend:

  • Online Reviews
  • Google Ads
  • Maps Ads
  • Google Display
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Instagram Ads
  • Geotargeting
  • Pinterest Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Yelp Ads

Want to reach employees of a local business? Attract more patients to your practice? Families with kids in a specific school district? Seniors attending an upcoming reunion? You name it, we can target it. And we can track it so you know exactly how well your investment in online ads has worked, down to the penny. Dental internet marketing lets you reach the right new patients with exactly the right message.

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More New Patients. Lower Cost per click

Results-Driven PPC Marketing for Dentists

You deserve dental internet marketing that makes the phone ring, without breaking the bank. Results are critical, so call tracking is assigned to every campaign to see which ads are generating the most calls, and what messages convert the most patients. Campaigns and keywords that don’t convert are killed off so we can save you money or reinvest it in campaigns that generate the results you deserve. After all, dental pay per click is all about new leads becoming new patients.

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I have been with this company for a while now for their internet marketing service, and I am very pleased with the result. They are always approachable and transparent which is a really really important aspect to have as a marketing company.

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They’ve done an amazing job helping us achieve our goals.Then they came up with a marketing strategy unique for our practice. From designing our website to increasing our online presence, GPM has gone above and beyond our expectations! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dental marketing company.


Are Google Ads right for your practice?

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Dental PPC Questions & Answers

Well, it depends on the keyword. If you’re trying to advertise for dental implants, I promise those keywords are a lot more expensive than “family dentist.” It also depends on your market. Like with SEO, ads in New York City will likely cost a lot more than ads for the same keyword in rural Tennessee. Our dental internet marketing team will run a custom estimate based on high converting keywords in your market and we’ll advise you on the potential ROI of each campaign before you commit. When it comes to dental PPC campaigns, success is often defined by ROI. Focus on the dental services that can bring in the highest quality leads to add a very profitable source of revenue for your business.

The national average click-through rate (also known as CTR) on healthcare ads is about 1.74%. We’re not average. While it varies by campaign topic (say, implants vs emergency dentistry), our general dentistry campaigns see a CTR of 2.5 – 3% at a minimum, and specialty campaigns often see a 9 – 11% CTR. Every ad goes to a custom landing page with an individualized call tracking number to track results and ROI to the penny. Campaigns are continually adjusted to remove negative keywords and improve the quality of your clicks and calls. Running successful dental PPC ads is a continuous process, requiring regular reevaluation of the ad copy, paid advertising channels, and marketing tactics to reach more target patients, improve conversion rates, and lower costs. To maximize your PPC efforts, work with a dental marketing company to get the best results.

These types of ads are best for brand awareness, short-term promotion, and highly targeted messages. They can be very effective when done right, but you have to keep in mind that people do not go to Facebook to find a dentist (thus why dental SEO is so important). They go to Facebook to see what their friends are up to. So make sure to provide something of value to get that social media lead to stop and pay attention to your message.

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