Smart dental marketing automation


Tired of losing new patient leads that you’ve paid for?


If you already have dental digital advertising that generates lots of leads but few appointments, SmartLeads is designed to bridge that gap.

It offers a collection of dental practice marketing automation tools to help you communicate and engage with your leads, increasing your conversion rate.

SmartLeads can create greater value from your existing advertising campaigns if…


male dentist using smartleads
  • You are generating a lot of leads but few appointments.
  • It feels like your marketing ROI is lower than it should be.
  • Converting leads requires too much of your time and effort.
  • Your team is not skilled at lead conversion.

Learn how SmartLeads can convert more patient leads to appointments!

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Maximize your ROI. Minimize your effort.

Your SmartLeads monthly subscription boosts your digital marketing campaigns with these powerful features:

  • Instant follow-up with prospective patients via text and dental automated email marketing
  • Call Connect, which allows you to make calls directly to leads through the Smart Leads platform
  • Two-way SMS text messaging
  • Lead nurturing dashboard that enables you to systematically classify, track, and prioritize lead follow-up
  • Engage patients over the long term through targeted and automated email campaigns
  • Automate your review requests through dental automated SMS marketing and email
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Learn how SmartLeads can convert more patient leads to appointments!

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Dental marketing automation is an upgrade you can’t afford to be without.


SmartLeads can make your advertising campaigns more cost-efficient, boosting your ROI. In other words, it practically pays for itself.

$199 per month

SMARTLEADS Questions & Answers

SmartLeads is a standalone software solution, so no integration with your PMS is necessary to begin converting your new patient leads.

The software is easy to use, but your Account Executive will make sure you and your team are fully trained, and will also monitor your dashboard to make sure everything is running smoothly.

SmartLeads does not prompt users for any sensitive information. All scheduling information or patient records are handled by your team, or scheduling platform of choice.