Dental website design

Dental Website Design

There are no second chances when it comes to first impressions, especially when it comes to your dental website design. If you’re lucky enough to have been the first website a new patient clicked on in Google, you need to make the most of it. Presenting yourself in an authentic, appealing way makes all the difference to that visitor trying to decide whether or not you will be the dentist they will trust.

Done right, your dental website guides the patient through a personalized user experience, helping answer questions and provide reassurance that they have just found a dentist the whole family will love.

Golden Proportions Marketing has designed hundreds of stunning, custom, high-converting websites for dental practices just like yours. And each one is as unique as the dentist it was designed for.

Your Practice Has Evolved, Shouldn't Your Dental Website?


You want a dental website that makes the phone ring. But you also want a website that feels like you, showing patients the “who” behind the “how.” The problem is that there are dozens – no, hundreds of dental web design companies who swear they can help you, and yet most of their sites look just like everyone else’s.

If you’ve struggled with any of these issues, it’s a good sign you’re due for a new site.

  • My website is slow and just not user-friendly.
  • I don’t rank high on Google, and that’s limiting new visitors to my site.
  • Even when I do get new visitors, I don’t think I get a lot of calls from my website.
  • My website just looks OLD. And that might lead visitors to think my dentistry is out of date too.
  • I’ve heard dentists in the US are getting fined for not having an ADA-compliant site. I honestly don’t know if mine makes the cut.

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Dental websites that are built right

Built for Google

Dental websites that aren’t optimized for local search are basically just online brochures. That’s why our sites are developed for the end user and for Google. You’ll find our sites are lightning-fast, well-optimized for local search, and hosted on industry-leading secure servers. Google loves our dental office website design style and rewards us with exceptional page 1 results time and time again.

Built For a Mobile World

Right now, patients use their phones to look at your dental website, read your reviews, and decide whether to call your practice. But what do they see? If your site isn’t optimized for mobile search, there’s a good chance they’re not seeing your site at all. Our custom websites for dentists are not only responsive, but they are carefully built to load at warp speed.

Built for Patients

The more interactive your dental website marketing is, the longer visitors will stay. The longer they stay, the higher the likelihood of converting that visitor into a new dental patient. Video, smile galleries, blogs, and review feeds are all easy ways to increase time on site. We incorporate interactivity into your site wherever possible. Our dental website designs commonly feature:

Online Scheduling Apps | Live-Time Review Feeds | Patient Testimonial Videos | Patient Payment Portals | Online Chat

How much does a good dental website design cost?



  • Semi-Custom Design
  • 15 Pages
  • Keyword-rich Custom Content
  • SEO Optimized Site Architecture
  • Built on WordPress
  • Easy Edit Features
  • You own your site
  • HIPAA Secure Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Domain Registration

Starting at $6,250


  • Custom Design
  • 20 Pages
  • Keyword-rich Custom Content
  • SEO Optimized Site Architecture
  • Built on WordPress
  • Easy Edit Features
  • You own your site
  • HIPAA Secure Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Domain Registration

Starting at $9,900

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Golden Proportion Marketing's dental website development process

We want this website to feel like YOU, so you are involved throughout the process. We learn what you value, who your patients are, and we use custom video and photography whenever possible to bring maximum authenticity to the visitor experience. When working with a dental website design company, you want to make sure that your dental practice brand, website navigation, and other design elements center around the things you feel are important and represent who you are.


Client Interview

You already know how important your website presence is. These days, it’s as important – if not more important – than your phone number. Built with intention, our custom dental website design guides your patients step by step through a journey that answers their questions and builds their trust. It makes the decision to book an appointment absolutely simple.


Custom Content

You didn’t go to school to be a professional writer, and you definitely don’t have time to write a dental website. Our team of dental SEO-trained copywriters uses your practice profile to provide turnkey content that feels authentic and personal. When you work with us, you gain access to the full suite of dentist website development services, including powerful digital content that helps attract potential customers and attain high rankings for relevant keywords on the search engine results pages.


Custom Design

You deserve more than a cookie-cutter template that looks the same as hundreds of other websites. Our dental website designer team brings your brand to life with our design and customization process and a well-defined user experience.


Development & Optimization

All of our sites are built on industry-leading WordPress platforms, making it easy for you to manage any updates in-house. From title tags to image text, Google will love the on-page optimization we build into every new site.

Dental Website Design Questions & Answers

You’re going to get a biased answer here because, well, we love to build custom dental websites. There are times when a template dental website is appropriate (no budget, start-up practice that waited until the last minute, etc.) but in general, rentals will only hurt you in the long run. The vast majority of dental website templates come pre-filled with stock content. Yes, that makes it faster for you since all you have to write is a bio, but Google thinks stock content is lazy. Many of these template sites can’t be transferred to another host if you decide you no longer want to work with that company. The best dental websites are 100% custom and allow you to own all the assets. As a dental care practice, your new dental website should not be a cookie-cutter copy of everyone else if you want to attract new patients consistently and stand out in your area. Having a modern dental website with compelling copy and beautiful photography can make it much easier to run online marketing campaigns, as potential patients are just more likely to respond to your brand if it’s authentic. Working with a dental marketing company can ensure the best results.

Since Google loves unique content, somebody is going to have to custom write this site if you care about dental SEO. A good dental marketing company will interview you and write it for you. Some doctors want to write it themselves, but if they’re not familiar with the nuances of dental SEO, they could easily compromise their site rank. Google loves to read a good 500 words per page (at a minimum) so it’s also going to take a lot longer than you think. If you want to try this solo, remember to write from the patient’s point of view, and write at an 8-10th grade reading level to be as palatable as possible to the average visitor.

Any well-designed dental website should include on-page optimization. That means your dental website company should complete a checklist of standard tasks that will help Google understand what is important to you in terms of search. Dental SEO does not stop with on-page optimization, so you’ll need ongoing SEO services to build up backlinks, ensure your directory listings stay consistent, and that your site remains up to date as Google adjusts its algorithms. If your website was built by a freelancer, they may not be as skilled in on-page dental SEO services. We recommend a site audit from a qualified dental SEO expert.

Some dental website companies prefer to purchase and own your website domain for you. We prefer to make sure our dentists own and retain control of their dental practice marketing assets, so we set up a domain account for you and ensure you have login access. To protect your brand, you will own the domain and we will serve as a technical contact.

All of our dental office websites are built on a state-of-the-art WordPress platform, meaning that you will have complete editing access to every page. We’ll teach you how to login and make edits, and provide you with backup training videos. If you simply don’t have the time or desire to edit your site, we’ll happily make your changes within one week (if not the same day). Great dental websites regularly update the content to ensure that the website remains informative and up to date. Luckily, it’s easy to utilize WordPress’s intuitive platform to make updating your website a breeze.