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Dentists, We Know Why You’re Here.

Maybe business is slow. Maybe you’ve invested in a Cerec or just completed a course on sleep apnea and you’re looking for new patients who want what you can do. Maybe you’ve felt the results of a competitor’s marketing and finally decided it was okay to look out for number one. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to have you.

Time To Train Your Brain

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran - Episode 593

Our very own Xana Winans is featured in this special episode of the Dentistry Uncensored podcast. Xana and Howard take time to delve into the important aspects of marketing for Dental Practices, and discuss what dentists can do to effectively measure how their marketing is working.

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ADA Internet Marketing Experts

Want to learn more about websites and digital marketing? Just ask the experts. That's what the ADA did when they selected GPM's owner, Xana Winans, to author a chapter. Pick up your copy today, or save yourself a step and just call GPM.

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Dental Marketing Geniuses

Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit. Not everyone here is an Einstein-level brainiac, but if there was a Mensa chapter just for dental marketing we would probably be the founders. If there is a dental marketing and advertising strategy or technique out there, we’ve heard of it and can tell you if it’s worth your time (or more importantly, your money). Just like your Dad always said, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why we insist on measuring everything – so you know that it’s dental marketing money well spent. Think you’ve got a silver-bullet marketing idea? Call us, we’ll give you the real life scoop.


What Our Clients Have To Say...

You and your team have done a wonderful job! Thank you for all of your time and energy in helping me with this opening. I feel like it is all coming together and in the next few months, this crazy time will all be behind me and I can enjoy what you have helped me create!

- Dr. Sheri Boynton-Love – Wichita, KS