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Dental marketing is what we do. And it’s ALL we do. That allows us to be laser-focused on delivering creative marketing solutions that will fill your schedule and get new dental patients swarming in through your front door.

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We’ve perfected a proprietary dental marketing process that delivers the kind of results that measure up to your standards and define a clear pathway to your success.

Our DNA Dental Marketing process identifies what is truly unique about you and your practice. You’ll get a marketing brand that reflects who you truly are, allowing you to soar above your competition just by being you!

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When it comes to dental marketing, we’ve done it all; and learned how to do it better each time. We help dental practices focus their marketing efforts on proven and innovative strategies that deliver results, using a holistic approach that includes dental website design, SEO, branding, social media, and other methods to attract the best customers for your practice.

Let's Strategize

Every one of our dental clients starts with a strategic, data-driven dental marketing plan. Using your practice growth goals and insight gained from your practice data, we create a highly strategic plan designed to fit your budget.

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Let's Design

Your practice isn’t like any other dental office. Your website and brand shouldn’t be either. Using our in-depth discovery process, we write and design captivating dental messaging and visuals that tell your story with passion and authenticity.

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Let's Advertise

With dental PPC, it’s all about ROI and results. Our campaigns maximize both via conversion-driven ads and landing pages. And every single campaign is tracked and transparently reported with Smart Market Dental.

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Let's Measure & Grow

You might think you know how well your dental marketing is working, but do you really know? Smart Market Dental (SMD) not only captures and scores every dental marketing lead, but connects every call to a patient record for automated ROI tracking, helping you to save money.

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The Power of Partnering With a Dental Marketing Company

Tired of wasting money on dental advertising that falls flat? Say goodbye to ineffective digital marketing strategies and hello to a dental marketing agency that will transform your online presence!

With our team of expert dental marketing consultants, you’ll tap into unrivaled knowledge of online marketing and social media specifically tailored for dentists. We’ll revolutionize your dental marketing strategy, delivering great results that truly make a difference. Partner with Golden Proportions, a dentist marketing agency that shares your level of commitment to the success of your dentistry business.

By teaming up with us, you’ll experience a remarkable return on investment. Our dentist marketing services include:

Don’t settle for mediocre growth from a one-size-fits-all dentist marketing company. Trust Golden Proportions, the leading marketing agency for dentists, to supercharge your practice’s success. Contact our team today and discover how our top-notch dental marketing agency can take your brand to new heights.

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We know that to become the very best dental marketing company in the industry, you have to live up to the hype. Read what our clients have to say about their experiences with us.

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Choosing a dental marketing company should feel similar to hiring a new member of your team. You need to interview them. Talk to references. Make sure they share your culture and your values. Done right, your dental marketing partner should feel like a natural extension of your practice. There are many dental marketing agencies out there, but you need to find a provider that can offer you effective marketing solutions and exceptional customer service every step of the way. When all these efforts come together, you’ll get the remarkable results you desire.

Ahhh, the budget question. It’s a smart question with a complicated answer because “it depends.” A dental practice that wants explosive growth should budget 7-9% of collections towards marketing. If you want strong, steady growth, 4-6%. And if all you need to do is replace the people who move or pass away, you still need about 2-3%. But like we said, it depends. It depends if your dental office is in midtown Manhattan or a small town in Iowa. Are you a startup? If so, budgeting on collections isn’t going to work, so you’ll have to allocate money you haven’t made yet. Maybe you’re two years from selling and want to ramp up new patients to increase your valuation. Like we said, there are a lot of factors to consider. Basically, the best way to answer that question is with a call.

Full-service means exactly that – one company that manages every aspect of your marketing. A proper full-service agency should help you develop a strategic dental marketing plan, execute every aspect of the marketing (and this should be done in-house, not sent out to a rotating list of freelancers), and then serve as your Chief Marketing Officer to advise and direct your ongoing efforts. We think of it this way: What good is hiring a company to get you calls if they don’t appoint? And how about maximizing those new patients by making sure they refer their friends and family? That’s why we develop and manage literally everything you need, with just one call.

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