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Dental Billboards

Dental billboards are an excellent way to reach the American public where they spend much of their week – on the road! We spend an average 15 hours a week on the road, driving to work, picking up the kids and running errands. Almost all of that time is spent in a radius adjacent to their homes and close to your office. Dental billboards (and all kinds of outdoor advertising) are an easy, passive way to build your brand. The single biggest challenge is saying everything you want in 7 words or less. Not sure if it’s too much? Print it on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, step back 10 feet, and race by at 60 mph. If you can read it, fine. If not, call us.

Dental Billboards

Internet marketing is your #1 strategy…until your consumer is behind the wheel, that is. Rush hour traffic and daily commutes make billboards an internet marketer’s best friend. Put your practice top of mind with artwork that entertains, captures the imagination, and that ultimately “drives traffic” to your website.

- Xaña Winans

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