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Dental Marketing Resources

We want our clients to be smart, informed partners in the marketing process. That’s why we regularly publish tools that offer the latest dental marketing ideas and strategies, with tips you can use. Download one or all, they’re free.

Marketing Planning

2020 Dental Marketing Inspiration Guide

Take your dental marketing to the next level this year. We’ve mapped out monthly strategies to deliver results and help spread the word about your services and brand. Get your copy of this go-to guide designed with effective, easy dental marketing in mind.

Download The 2020 Dental Marketing Inspiration Guide

Creative Dental Marketing Ideas

Are you ready to put pen to paper and establish a plan for your dental practice’s marketing success? You’ve landed in the right place.

Download Creative Dental Marketing Ideas

Dental Marketing Calendar

You have goals and marketing plans for your practice, now make sure they get done. Use this simple calendar to plan your strategies and keep track of your budget.

Download The Dental Marketing Calendar

Dental Promotional Offer Idea Guide

Your landing page is only as good as your promotional offer. Download our Dental Promotional Offer Idea Guide to help generate more new patients for your practice!

Download The Dental Promotional Offer Idea Guide

Patient Survey

You know what your patients think of your office, right? Or are they not telling you things? Send this confidential survey for a true insider’s look of what works well and what needs work.

Download The Patient Survey

What Dental Marketing Agency Is Best For You?

You know you need help with dental marketing but you just don’t know what type of company to choose. Are you a DIY master or do you want a plug and play solution? Or, are you ready for a real relationship with your marketing partner? Take our quiz and find your perfect match.

Download The Marketing Matchmaker Quiz

Digital Marketing

2019’s Top Dental Internet Marketing Trends

Internet marketing is one of the hottest and most effective ways to generate new dental patients. New trends and advertising avenues pop up all the time and it’s easy to feel behind the curve. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Find out where to invest your budget with our comprehensive list of 2019’s hottest internet dental marketing trends. Download, dive in, and don’t hesitate to make this guide work for your online dental marketing efforts.

Download The Ultimate Guide to 2019's Top Dental Internet Marketing Trends

Dental SEO Self-Evaluation Checklist

When was the last time you checked your dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website? There’s a lot that goes into achieving SEO success, but we’ve got the one and only self-evaluation checklist featuring six key factors you’ll need to succeed. Take the free quiz and see if your dental SEO can pass the test.

Download The Dental SEO Self-Evaluation Checklist

Dental Website Conversion Scorecard

Did you know that Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the other half of good SEO? Getting patients to your website is only half the battle – what matters is if they look around and then contact you! Take our CRO quiz and see if your website passes the conversion test.

Download The Dental Website Conversion Scorecard

Free SEO Analysis

A well-optimized website can be new patient gold. A poorly maintained site can do you more harm than not having a site at all. Share your website address and we’ll give you a free custom report that details toxic backlinks, 404 errors and missed optimization opportunities. Make sure your website is playing nice with Google.

Request a Free SEO Analysis

Social Media Marketing Ideas For Dentists

New to social media or just unsure how to get the most out of it? Social media gives you an exceptional opportunity to connect with your patients, and your community, in an exceptionally authentic way. Download our free guide to social media for dentists and learn the how, what, when and where of Facebook, Instagram, and so much more.

Download The Social Media Marketing Ideas For Dentists

Budgeting & ROI

Dental Marketing ROI Calculator

To get an accurate assessment of the return on investment (ROI) your dental marketing delivers, you need to consider a number of factors including costs, patient revenue, patient retention, and referrals. That may sound complicated, but no worries, we’ll do the math for you!

Use the Dental Marketing ROI Calculator

Transform Your Dental Practice By Tracking These 8 KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are important business metrics that are essential to running a healthy, thriving dental practice. If you aren’t sure what KPI’s you should be tracking, check out our free guide. Inside you’ll learn what to track, how to track and most importantly – how to improve your practice and your marketing.

Download The Transform Your Dental Practice By Tracking These 8 KPIs

Ultimate Guide To Dental Marketing Budgeting

Establishing a marketing budget for your dental practice can be a challenging task. Download our FREE Ebook to get a comprehensive guide to planning out how you can invest your marketing dollar most effectively.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Dental Marketing Budgeting

Team & Practice Management

32 Tips To Improve Dental Practice Culture

You like making people smile, right? We know you do. So why not put smiles on the faces of the people you spend your days with? Check out our treatment plan for a healthy office culture in this helpful how-to eBook. Go on, get your learn on.

Download The 32 Tips to Improve Dental Practice Culture eBook

Call Evaluation Form

If you want to turn more calls into new patients, it's important to record your calls and listen to them objectively. Download our call evaluation form and grade yourself to learn where you might be missing opportunities to bond with patients.

Download the Call Evaluation Form

Dental Patient Reviews And Referral Guide

It’s no secret that reviews and referrals are crucial in growing your practice and maintaining your reputation. Asking for them is easier than ever thanks to this free, step-by-step guide. Download your copy today to increase your online reviews and patient referrals.

Download The Dental Patient Reviews and Referral Guide

Model Release

If you take a photo of your patient and plan to show it to anyone else, you need to cover your butt. Download our free model release to make sure your patients give you permission to show off their gorgeous new smiles.

Download The Model Release

Responding To A Bad Review

Have a bad online review? Don’t worry. It happens. Download our step-by-step guide on how to handle negative comments.

Download The Responding to a Bad Review Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Improving the New Dental Patient Experience

Download The Ultimate Guide to Improving the New Dental Patient Experience to keep your new patients coming back for more!

Download The Ultimate Guide to Improving the New Dental Patient Experience

White Glove Test

Does your practice ace our White Glove Test? It could be the difference between retaining new patients or relinquishing them to your biggest competitor.

Download The White Glove Test


Answering COVID-19 FAQs From Patients

COVID-19 has raised an entirely new set of questions — tough ones — that you and your staff will need to be prepared to answer properly. Download our free scripts for Answering COVID-19 FAQs from Patients today and be ready!

Download The Answering COVID-19 FAQs from Patients Scripts

Delivering A Great Dental Patient Experience

Delivering a positive experience to your dental patients in the midst of COVID-19 requires communications that are sensitive to their needs, concerns, and fears. Use these sample emails and conversations to inspire your own ideas of how you can put a positive spin on every step of the appointment process.

Download The Delivering A Great Dental Patient Experience Ebook

Reopening Checklist For Dental Offices

Dental offices will (hopefully) be opening soon. Are you prepared? Use this checklist so you don’t overlook some of the most important communication and marketing details for your reopening.

Download The Reopening Checklist for Dental Offices