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Authentic, Engaging Dental Images

Dental photography and video have long been important in your marketing. They can boost conversion on your dental website, create engagement on social media, and even be used to market to patients already in your office.

For years, no video and use of stock photography were a suitable option. But no more. Patients demand authenticity. Create a library of custom media about you and your patients and watch your engagement soar.

Share Who You Really Are

Your skill and artistry turned a broken, discolored smile into a smiling, confident person. Clinical shots of your work, however, lose impact to anyone who’s not a dentist. Prospective patients need to see more than just retracted lips and teeth to understand what a new smile will mean. However, patients can identify stock dental photography at 100 yards. They know stock dental videos too, because they’re almost “too perfect.” We know you’re not a professional photographer (Sorry, but those intra-oral photos don’t count) so how do you capture what today’s selfie generation demands?

Custom dental photography & videography

Our photo and video shoots create a memorable experience for your patients and provide you with a library of images and videos that will take your marketing to another level. Here’s our process:


Shoot Coordination

The real magic happens behind the scenes. Our team will help source a location, find and schedule your makeup artist, create a call sheet for the day so everything runs on time, and generally do all the heavy lifting. All you need to do is invite the patients for a day of glamour and pampered attention.


Photography & Video Shoot

We want you to build a true library of photos and videos to help maximize the day. We’ll shoot your patients in multiple venues at the location and use wardrobe changes to give you maximum variety.



Our testimonials go beyond asking a patient to write a few sentences. Our team personally interviews each patient about motivation, experience, and outcome, using that story to custom write a testimonial showcasing your life-changing work.



Not every shot makes the cut. Our team will curate a library of the best images and post them online for your review. Every image used in your marketing will be professionally retouched. Videos are similarly transformed into professional showcases of your practice. Best of all, you own every bit of work we’ve created, for life.

Make your patients the star of your


Custom dental photography and video will enhance every part of your marketing and can be used in nearly everything you do.

Golden Proportions Marketing

Dental Websites

Custom photos on your website enhance visitor conversion by an astounding 95%.

Golden Proportions Marketing

Social Media

Professional photos of patients get comments, shares, likes, and lots of love.

Golden Proportions Marketing

Testimonial Albums

Add real patient testimonials and you have a picture perfect album for your cases.

Golden Proportions Marketing

Dental Office Wall Art

You’re a smile artist. Show off your very best work with larger than life images on your walls.

Golden Proportions Marketing

Email Marketing

Share your patients smiles and stories with anyone thinking about a new smile.

Golden Proportions Marketing

Dental Office Brochures

Use custom photography in your brochure and watch case conversion go up.

Golden Proportions Marketing

Dental Postcards and Newsletters

Real patient images help brighten up a mailbox and increase new patient calls.

Golden Proportions Marketing

Dental Advertising

Advertising is about authentic messages. Real photos are as authentic as it gets.

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The original dental photography company

Two Decades of Experience

Golden Proportions Marketing was the very first dental marketing company with a professional photographer on staff, offering custom dental photo shoots starting in 2002. We quickly added dental videos to our services as we realized the power of real patients telling their story. The GPM team traveled the country, capturing thousands of lifestyle images and patient stories everywhere from Alaska to Miami. Those stories have given us unique insight into the patient mind and their motivations, which is why our work is consistently so powerful and results driven. You deserve this kind of impact in your marketing.

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Please tell your team that we are bowled over by how awesome the videos are. Each one seemed to accent a different benefit of our practice and you got wonderful reaction from every interview. We are sooo happy with every one of them!

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Well your instagram marketing is working! I’ve had three colleagues call me about who does my video after seeing your instagram post about our office.


Dental Photography and Video Questions & Answers

Videos about you and your practice can help break down a barrier between a nervous patient and a new dentist. It helps show viewers that you and your team are real, that you care, and that you know how to have fun. Better yet, testimonial videos from your patients provide credibility in a way that no review on Google could ever accomplish.

Custom dental photos aren’t just important, they’re the emotional anchor that your audience is craving. So while stock photos can hold you for a while, in the long run you’ll see greater conversion when your website showcases real smiles from real patients.

We usually recommend a couple of different topics in each shoot, to give you variety and to keep your viewer engaged. The most common one is the brand video, which is a tour of your office with a meet-and-greet from the dentist, who shares their philosophy for care. We love patient testimonial videos (at least 3-4 videos per office) but there’s also room for a fun birthday video to email to patients, or educational clips about how your Cerec works.

Golden Proportions Marketing