Dental Advertising

Dental Advertising

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Advertising’s role has shifted. Let’s say you want to become the go-to choice for dental implants in your market. Or maybe sedation, cosmetic dentistry or even Invisalign. Whatever your specialty, dental advertising harnesses the power of brand awareness and turns you into a local celebrity.


Dental Advertising Has Local Impact

Everyone has Netflix and Spotify, and I mean everyone. Does anyone even listen to local radio anymore? It can make you feel like a slave to Google, and I think we’ll all agree, they have enough power already. And yet…if advertising were really dead, why do all those media channels still exist?

Why are there local radio stations, TV network affiliates, and glossy magazines in every city? Because people are craving a local connection. When you want to know what’s happening in your town, where do you go? Not Netflix. Not Spotify. Instead, you flip on your local ABC affiliate. You grab local magazines and newspapers. You choose a local radio station for up-to-date information about what’s important to you and your patients.

The science and art of persuasion

Creating a compelling dental advertising campaign is about determining the perfect mix of M-M-R: medium, message, and the maximum possible reach. Our team harnesses all three to capture attention, and keep it laser focused on you and your message.



We’ll determine what makes you not only trustworthy but likable to your audience. The right dental advertising message will differentiate your skill and experience, and inspire confidence in your care.



Choosing the right mix of dental advertising mediums is critical to reaching your target. It could be TV, radio, outdoor – it all depends on your market and your budget.



Once we choose your medium, it’s all about reach, also known as the number of people who will be exposed to your message. Frequency is required for reach to have an impact.

Your most effective dental advertising options

Dental Direct Mail

Beautiful, custom dental postcards and mailers bring your message to life with engaging images and an offer your reader can’t resist. We use A/B testing and call tracking to ensure your dental postcard has reached peak effectiveness. We offer EDDM (every door direct mail), new movers mailings, and highly targeted lists to reach your perfect audience at a very effective price.

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Dental TV Commercials

When you want to be known as the “go-to” dentist for implants, cosmetics, or even family dentistry, nothing is more effective than TV. Just be prepared to be a local celebrity. The branding that comes from regular TV advertising means you’ll get stopped by strangers and your head might grow a size or two. The endless calls from new patients will make your lost anonymity totally worth it, we promise.

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Dental Radio Commercials

The world still listens to the radio, whether digital or traditional. We’re betting you have music on in your office right now. When that music pauses for a short commercial break, do you want your patients to hear about a beautiful new car, or the power of a gorgeous smile that only you can give them? Our commercials are designed to build your brand and convert listeners into callers.

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Dental Billboards

Our team uses powerful imagery and a commanding message to make an impact on commuters and drivers in your community. Commonly used to brand your practice, well done dental billboards will drive traffic (pun intended) to your website and social media pages, turning interest into action. Ask the GPM dental marketing team about ideas for your next dental billboard.

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Dental Ads

When you’re targeting an upscale audience, or looking to build a brand as the “go-to” cosmetic or implant dentist in your market, a dental print ad can be a powerful part of your marketing schedule. Often more concept than copy, an effective dental ad relies on a commanding headline and a powerful image to make the reader stop cold. Ask us how dental print ads can support your dental marketing campaign.

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Creative and Clever Ads

Inspired and Influential Advertising

A good dental advertising agency creates messaging with creativity and concepts often unseen on the web. It forces you to focus your message and attract instantaneous attention all at the same time. We take risks, break rules, and challenge perceptions, turning a passing glance into a helplessly captivated audience.

Dental Advertising Questions & Answers

Our media planning team will develop a custom media plan that reaches your target audience with the greatest reach and frequency. We will negotiate for the best rates, secure value-added opportunities, manage your media contracts, and make sure your ads run as scheduled. With two decades of media experience, we are the most qualified team in dentistry to develop your dental advertising schedule.

The ROI of your online marketing is actually improved when supported by dental advertising. A professional agency and a well-crafted campaign can dramatically impact the number of people who go online to look for you. With so many dentists online, establishing brand awareness early with dental advertising can give you a tremendous competitive advantage.

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