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Finding a company you can trust with your private practice marketing isn’t easy. As the owner, you’re the one-man band of small business. You’re expected to be the CEO, COO, CFO, and VP of Marketing, all while providing clinical care to your patients. If you feel like you’re wearing too many hats, you’re right. Our knowledgeable, full-service marketing team has worked with over 1500 practices, just like yours. Our experience lets you focus on what you love to do the most – transforming smiles.

We Know Your Story. And, we have the solution

When you’ve been helping dentists with private practice marketing for two decades, you learn a lot. And while every story we hear is unique, there are some common issues that drive a practice to pick up the phone. You don’t have to be struggling to need a dental marketing company to partner with. Even those that are successful want help because they have become addicted to that success. They know that if you don’t nurture growth, it will slowly die. Which practice sounds like you?

Types of Practices We Help


Starting a dental practice from scratch often means you have a very limited marketing budget and a hefty monthly payment to the bank each month. Many startup owners remain as an associate in another office for a year or two while their new practice picks up speed, which means you have even less time available to market your practice. An experienced dental marketing company can give your practice the support you need.


  • New patients, FAST
  • Sustained and steady growth
  • A marketing plan that fits your budget


  • Foundational marketing, like brands and websites
  • High-impact strategies to drive new patients quickly
  • Interest-free payment plans

Sales & Transitions

You purchased a practice from a doctor that your patients truly loved and trusted. The patients may be older, since most patients skew 10 years younger and older than the dentist who owned the practice before you. That doctor’s dentistry may have ranged from “let’s watch that cavity for a year to see if it gets worse” to “We need to rehab every tooth in your mouth.” Combined with your practice philosophy, it’s a sure-fire recipe for conflict. Now you have to build a loyal following of your own with new patients, all while keeping the existing ones happy. Talk about being of two minds.


  • A smooth transition from the previous dentist
  • A team who embraces and supports your practice philosophy
  • An influx of new, younger patients to balance out the older practice demographics


  • Internal marketing, such as a well written transition letter that explains your practice philosophy
  • Retention and reactivation campaigns that invigorate both the team and the patients
  • Targeted new patient strategies designed to reach the right demographics

New Associates

Your practice has grown to the point that you need an associate, and you’ve found the perfect one. While it feels reasonable to expect this associate to go pound the pavement looking for patients just like you did years ago, that’s rarely their expectation. You need to fill their schedule, soon, before they leave you for corporate dentistry.


  • A rapid influx of new general dentistry patients and families
  • Introductions of your associate to your specialists so they know who to refer to
  • More hours in your day. Not only are you building your business but your associate’s too


  • Competitive new patient strategies like dental postcards, Google Ads, social media ads, and more
  • Outreach coaching to teach your associate how to build those referral relationships
  • An experienced strategist to support your growth, freeing up time in your schedule

Stagnant & Struggling

Calls have slowed down and new patients are not as plentiful as they once were. Maybe a corporate chain moved into town, or it’s possible that new website you just launched tanked your rank online. Regardless, the phone is quiet and it’s making you anxious. It’s time to ramp things back up.


  • A marketing plan of attack that maps out every step to take over the next year
  • Quality new patient leads who will stay with the practice
  • Steady growth that you can count on


  • Strategic planning to open your eyes to untapped opportunities
  • Clear deliniation of team marketing tasks and agency responsibilities
  • Intentional, thoughtful branding to set your practice apart from the masses
  • Call tracking, ROI measurement, and continual plan refinement for maximum results


In a world of flashy products and fast promises, we believe that the only way to grow your practice is when you, our client, can trust that we are delivering what we promised. For us that means real, measurable results. Our proprietary marketing management software, Smart Market Dental, lets us see not just the leads we generated but the results of those patients once they are in the practice. With complete, real time transparency, you’ll know we stand behind our work.

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Golden Proportions Marketing has been instrumental in our success. Their ability to provide a strategic vision, implement a solid plan, and then review results with quantifiable metrics, has made me a believer. Thank you GPM for your professionalism, your business relationship, and your efforts to help with our success!

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I have been extremely satisfied with the results obtained by Golden Proportions Marketing. The marketing plan and tracking platforms have been very effective to grow our practice. I highly recommend them.