Sunshine Dentists

Sunshine Dentists sees a 319% increase in new patients!

About The Practice

Sunshine Dentists is a fee-for-service dental practice in the highly competitive market of Burke, VA. Dr. Kristin Donohue and Dr. Bita Ellis reached out to Golden Proportions Marketing to help them develop a marketing strategy to propel their successful (and growing) practice.

Sunshine Dentists

Our DNA Marketing Process

All of our successful client stories start with our DNA Dental Marketing Process, which builds winning strategies based on the unique Direction, Needs and Attributes of each dentist we partner with. Sunshine Dentists was no exception.

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Dr. Donohue’s single-doctor practice, founded in 2008, became a two-doctor practice in the middle of 2020 with the addition of Dr. Bita Ellis. Steady, consistent new patient growth was needed to keep both doctors productive and the fee-for-service practice profitable.

Through in-depth discussions with the doctors, we determined that the necessary goals would be to…

  • Increase collections from $1.35 million at the end of 2019 to $1.56 million by the end of 2021.
  • Increase new patients from an average of 6 per month in 2019 to 20 per month by the end of 2021.
  • Grow from 1,500 active patients to 2,580 active patients to sustain a two-doctor practice at the current capacity.
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To accomplish these goals and help the practice move in the right Direction, we planned a comprehensive strategy for growth that addressed their marketing Needs…

Website: The existing templated website was nearly identical to a local competitor. We would create a custom website to help enhance the practice’s online visibility and unique selling proposition. The new site would also emphasize conversion strategies to help generate more new patient opportunities.

Google Ads: A Google Ads campaign targeting general dentistry patients would be launched to generate leads and convert patients quickly.

Call Tracking: Calls generated from the website, SEO strategy, and Google Ads campaign would be screened and tracked in order to understand caller motivation, potential obstacles to conversion, and measure how many new patient opportunities were being generated and converted from these campaigns

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Through our Creative Process, we discovered the unique attributes of both doctors and the practice that would make their marketing authentic and represent the office in a very genuine way that patients would connect with. Their belief in confidence through beautiful smiles would be a central theme for their messaging.

Putting the Plan Into Action

Based on the combined attributes of both doctors, our creative team designed campaign assets that captured the overall personality and the culture of the office.

Website Redesign

Central to the new marketing strategy, the website was redesigned with custom photography and original content. Additionally, online scheduling, a geo-targeted SEO strategy, and other conversion strategies were incorporated to help enhance the practice’s online visibility and lead generation.

Google Ad Campaign

The Google Ad campaign featured visuals and messaging specifically designed to maximize the ROI and reach the established conversion goals.

Call Tracking

To accurately and transparently track the success of the new strategies, we tracked and screened new patient calls that were generated from the website, SEO strategy, and Google Ads campaign. The data enabled us to evaluate caller motivation, identify potential obstacles to conversion, and measure how many new patient opportunities were being generated and converted.

Seeing the Results

The combined strategies were a huge success, increasing the number of new patients 319% over a two-year period. Both doctors are busy full time and the office is considering adding team members to accommodate future growth and to further enhance the quality of care being delivered.

Sunshine Dentists

“Love, love, LOVE this team. I am a dental practice owner that is totally new to marketing and GPM has been amazing to work with. They interviewed me to get to know my practice and it was, frankly, EXHAUSTIVE and THOROUGH to the max. They got to know my practice and my team as well as I know them! I can’t imagine a more professional and energized group of pros.”

-Dr. Kristen Donohue