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Is your dental marketing generating a high volume of inquiry phone calls, yet you’re still not filling your appointment schedule with new patients? That means a lot of wasted marketing effort (and cost), so you really need to fix it. It’s no mystery what the problem is. You’re simply not making the most of your new patient phone calls.

The benchmark conversion rate for new patient phone calls is 30-50%. If you’re getting fewer than half of those calls into your schedule, it’s important to record your calls and listen to them objectively.

But you need to know what to listen for in order to make changes that will have a real effect on your bottom line. That’s why we developed the Call Evaluation Form. This checklist will help you pinpoint the mistakes you’re making so you can improve your conversion rate. You’ll learn how you should handle each call through the stages of Welcome, Relationship Building, Problem Solving, Closing, and Follow Up. The more boxes on this list you’re able to check, the more new patients you’ll begin to see.

Download our call evaluation form and grade yourself to learn where you might be missing opportunities to bond with patients.