Dental CMO

Dental CMO

Your Personal, Professional Dental CMO

To grow, you know you need to plan and make business decisions just like a major corporation. And yet you are a small, privately held business, not Microsoft or Amazon.

Those big chain practices you’re going up against? They all have a Dental CMO (aka a Dental Chief Marketing Officer) to set the direction for the chain’s marketing. They have a team of dental marketing specialists to evaluate results and take advantage of new trends. They can dominate your market with their advertising and digital marketing, because they have resources that a small private practice simply doesn’t have in-house. It puts them at an unfair advantage for new patients. Until now.

Meet Your New Dental Chief Marketing Officer.

Most dental marketing companies are satisfied with selling a single product, like a website or a postcard. Not us. Since the first day we opened, we have always treated each client like a Madison Avenue agency would treat BMW or Coca-Cola. We look at each office with the practiced eye of a full-service marketing agency. We advise clients on market opportunities, new products to introduce to patients, and we set the course for marketing that accomplishes goals. We serve as the Dental Chief Marketing Officer of your practice, saving you the cost of hiring a whole in-house marketing team.

Need a Marketing Director, VP or CMO?

Every practice chooses the level of strategic marketing support they need to grow. In return, they get strategy, insight and a solid commitment to your practice growth.


Dental Chief Marketing Officer

Our Dental CMO program is appropriate for fast-growing or larger dental practices who need regular access to a dental marketing strategist. Monthly reviews, in-depth analysis, and annual planning will get you to your growth goals faster.


VP of Marketing

Younger or growing practices that want access to a dedicated advisor will love our VP of Marketing program. Quarterly coaching sessions and reviews ensure you can pivot strategies quickly.


Dental Marketing Director

This is the perfect match for well-established, successful practices who are stable and growing steadily each year. We’ll assist with your strategic analysis and annual planning.

Your dental marketing partner

Experienced Dental Marketing Strategists

Every one of our dental marketing strategists has years and years of experience in dental marketing. They undergo intensive training to learn the industry and its infinite nuances. They become partners with you and serve as a trusted, objective advisor always advocating for your practice. No longer will you need to rely on social media forums or “industry gurus” who are selling their silver bullet solution.

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In dental school we don’t learn a lot about marketing our skills and talents. I am so grateful for the help I have received from the Golden Proportions team. From day one they have taken the time to listen to my practice goals and have marketed my practice with my goals in mind.

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I have used GPM for over a decade now. They have not only been trusted advisors, cheerleaders of me and my practice, and innovative collaborators with me but are now dear friends. Competency, trust, warmth, and a personal relationship.


Dental CMO Questions & Answers

Imagine a dental office where each employee knows exactly what to do, has metrics to measure their effectiveness, and does their job without supervision. You set the direction and the vision, they make it happen. Sounds like a dream come true, but that’s exactly what a Dental CMO does.

A Dental CMO will create your marketing plan, establish an execution calendar, monitor your marketing budget, manage projects, and report on the results. Whether you need assistance negotiating a media contract, creating artwork on the fly to support your local little league team, or someone to train your team on how to ask for a referral, your dental CMO has your back. You focus on dentistry, we’ll take care of the rest.

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