Sarah Cunningham


Senior Graphic Designer

If there were a book titled, “Graphic Design for Dentists,” we’re pretty sure Sarah Brown could write it in her sleep. After 15 years on the GPM team as a graphic designer, she can adapt to nearly any brand style (except dancing teeth) or dental logo design and make it look like it came from Madison Avenue.

Her talents don’t stop at logos. Dental websites, social media campaigns, television commercials, and every conceivable type of print marketing are instantly transformed from “unassuming” to “unbelievable” in her competent and capable hands. Sarah has an uncanny ability and highly sought-after skill to create eye-catching designs that will make you and your brand look upscale, professional, and elegant.

Sarah spends her time post-design with her adorable son Brody. Art is never far from her mind though. You can find her practicing photography and painting brilliant watercolors to help her relax.