Ryan Dickey

Senior Web Developer

As GPM’s Senior Web Developer, Ryan designs lead-generating works of art for our dental clients.

Ryan is what we call a creative problem solver. Creative, because he earned a degree in Graphic Design and loves to compose music and paint. (He anticipates the value of his artwork will skyrocket some time after his demise). Problem solver, because he can figure out just about anything, including rebuilding engines, flipping houses, and, yes, building amazing dental websites.

Prior to joining the Golden Proportions Marketing team, Ryan built websites for some pretty impressive clients, from actor Terry Crews to global pop icon Usher. He hails from a small town in Michigan, and later relocated to an even smaller town near Lake Michigan. He spends his time there playing catch with his dog Penny and flipping burgers on the grill.

We’d advise you to avoid playing poker with Ryan, since he was also an amateur magician for a period of time. He even “disappeared” for a 30-day motorcycle trip across the country, hitting a few national parks along the way. In spirit, 10 percent of him is still on that journey, but we’re happy to have the other 90 percent that continually delights our clients.