Kira Poletis


Total nerd!

That’s how Kira proudly describes herself, but we actually think she’s pretty cool. With a list of hobbies including capoeira (a Brazilian martial art), sailing, swimming, diving, and dancing, we’re willing to overlook her Final Fantasy XVI addiction.

As our Copywriter and Content Specialist, Kira brings five years of experience and a compassionate touch to her writing for dental practices. Because she she can identify with the anxiety of sitting in a dental chair, Kira feels that if patients can read the words she writes and feel more at ease and safe, then she’s done a good job.

When Kira isn’t focused on writing, she turns her attention to her fur babies Jade, a gray and blonde tortoiseshell kitty, and Dawn, a siamese. In fact, she has deeply entertained the dream of grabbing her cats and her laptop, and setting sail wherever the wind blows.

If boat gaming isn’t already a thing, this adventurous nerd will certainly make it one.