Dental blogging: 4 things you definitely need to do

dental blogging

Are you making the most of your dental blogging? Dental blogs are great marketing tools for dental websites. The best ones are especially effective at generating new patients because they do four important things. Follow their examples and you can start seeing real results from your blog as well. Engage The content you develop for […]

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5 dental website marketing tips to generate more new patients

dental website marketing

You’ve probably heard the phrase “dental website marketing.” But do you know what that actually means? And why it’s important for your practice? Here’s our definition… Dental website marketing describes all of the marketing efforts that have the specific purpose of driving more visitors to your dental website. OK, makes sense, but why do you […]

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Dental print ads: Why aren’t yours so great?

dental print advertising

Dental print ads are one of the oldest, and most effective, ways to attract new patients to your practice. But to get the results you’re looking for they can’t just be good… they need to be great. What does it take to create a print dental advertisement that gets results? There are four “great” things […]

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Is your dental direct mail advertising a waste of money?

dental advertising direct mail

When you think of dental direct mail advertising, you probably consider it to be completely disconnected from today’s digital marketing strategies, and maybe even how dental practice advertising “used to” be. Many dentists are wary of using direct mail because they don’t believe that its effectiveness can be accurately tracked and measured, especially compared to […]

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Should your dental commercial be on radio or television?

dental commercials

According to Andy Warhol, we all have at least 15 minutes of fame coming to us. If you’re going to seek yours in the form of a dental commercial, which type would you choose — radio or television? Both are effective mediums for your dental advertising, but each has its own unique advantages, depending on […]

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Dental digital advertising vs. dental traditional advertising… the tortoise and the hare

types of dental advertising

If you were to think of your dental practice’s marketing strategy as a race to attract new patients, you could take two approaches, just like that infamous showdown between Mr. Tortoise and Mr. Hare. You can think of dental digital advertising as Mr. Hare (all fast and furious) and traditional advertising as slow and steady […]

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Dental advertising campaigns… your 6 steps to success

dental advertising campaign

If you’re using dental advertising to attract new patients to your practice, great idea! But remember, you probably won’t be very successful if you’re just randomly running standalone dental ads. To bring more patients in, you’ll need to take a strategic approach. And that means structuring complete dental advertising campaigns. If the word “campaign” sounds […]

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How to advertise your dental practice… offline

dental advertising

There are plenty of ways to use digital marketing to advertise your dental practice. But is that all there is? What if you are still falling short of your goals and want more visitors? If you are wondering how to advertise your dental practice, there are some other, somewhat forgotten, traffic sources out there that […]

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How Google ads for dentists will be impacted by the new three-strike policy

google ads three strikes policy

“YER OUT!!!” That could be Google’s call against dentists if they violate the new “three strike” ads policy being implemented on September 21, 2021. The limited pilot rollout of the program will issue warnings and strikes for violations of three of Google’s existing ad policies — Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Unapproved Substances, and Dangerous Products or […]

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Creative Dental Marketing Ideas for Your Office

looking for creative dental marketing ideas

Do you ever look at your own marketing for your dental office and think it’s a little boring? Do you wish you could come up with something more creative? Maybe creativity doesn’t come naturally to you. That’s okay. Finding inspiration for creative dental marketing ideas for your office doesn’t have to be hard. You just […]

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