Dental Marketing Plans Made Easy: 4 Steps You Need to Know

dental marketing plan

To restore a patient to health, first, you have to get them into your chair. And to get them into your office, you need a dental marketing plan. We see a comprehensive plan much like a new patient exam in your practice. New patients are counting on you to diagnose any problems, take away the […]

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Build your dental brand with DNA

dental marketing dna

Who are you? That’s what your potential patients want to know when they’re searching for a new dentist. And that’s why having a strong, unique brand for your practice is important. Branding, of course, is part of your overall dental marketing strategy. And marketing, as you know, sometimes has a reputation for trying to make […]

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Useful tips to reactivate dental patients

dental patient reactivation

Losing valued dental patients can be hurtful to your bottom line, not to mention to your self-esteem as a dentist. Getting patients back is far more cost effective than trying to generate new patients to replace them. If you follow these tips to reactivate dental patients, you should see your attrition drop and production remain […]

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Use email marketing for dental patient retention

dental email marketing

You know that marketing, when done effectively, is your primary tool for attracting new dental patients to your office. But marketing is equally important for keeping those new patients (or at least most of them) coming back. Sure, providing good customer service is the foundation for long-term patient relationships, but it’s not always enough. That’s […]

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Use dental patient surveys to find out why you’re losing patients

dental patient survey

Getting new patients is a challenge. But so is keeping them. On average, dental practices are successful at retaining new dental patients less than half the time. According to information published by the Journal of the American Dental Association (ADA), the typical general dentist keeps only 41 percent of new patients beyond their first appointment. […]

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Four creative ways to get more dental patient referrals

dental patient referral

Four creative ways to get more dental patient referrals Ask for a referral before the appointment Conduct a patient survey Reach out to patients directly Reach out to patients indirectly Whenever one of your patients has a very positive treatment experience in your office, you naturally would (or, at least should) seize the moment and […]

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Five steps to responding to a negative dental patient review

negative dental patient reviews

Five steps to responding to a negative dental patient review Identify the dental patient Try to resolve the issue Write a public response Make changes Get as many positive reviews as you can You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, […]

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Three steps to get more dental patient referrals and reviews

dental patient reviews

Three steps to get more dental patient referrals and reviews Ask questions to find out their opinion Tell them why you would value a review or referral Do whatever you can to make it easy for them to spread the word No matter how much digital, television, radio, print, direct mail, or billboard advertising your […]

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Why are your dental patient reviews disappearing from Google?

google reviews

There has been a bit of chatter recently regarding patient reviews being removed from dental practices’ Google Business Profiles. There may be some sort of new algorithm update or Google glitch behind the recent uptick of removals (no one really seems to be sure), but disappearing reviews are nothing new. The root cause usually turns […]

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The importance of conversion rate optimization for your dental website

conversion rate optimization

There are certainly a lot of marketing acronyms floating around out there. In a sea of CTAs, ROIs, PPCs, CPCs, and dozens of others, there is one that your dental practice should pay particular attention to if you want to achieve peak performance for your dental website marketing. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be described […]

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