Looking for GPM Express?

Looking for GPM Express

Golden Proportions Marketing has decided to discontinue the GPM Express website, which offered quick and easy ordering of dental office promotional items such as prints ads, postcards, banners, wall art, and referral pads. Do you need Patient Referral Pads or Dental Wall Art? No worries! Although the website will be shutting down, Patient Referral Pads […]

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Now that they offer Google Local Service Ads for Dentists, should you use them?

dental patient family

It’s always good to have a new trick up your sleeve. Especially when it comes to marketing your dental practice. And Google Local Service Ads just may be just the trick you’re looking for. Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) specifically target local businesses and service providers. LSAs appear at the top of search engine results […]

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4 Dental SEO Myths, Exposed

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Google has a habit of changing the rules for dental SEO on a regular basis, which leaves not only many dentists, but many companies way behind the times, listening to old dental seo myths. There are dozens of old strategies still making the rounds in lectures and in articles. We’re here to put them to […]

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How artificial intelligence can solve real dental marketing challenges

artificial intelligence for dental marketing

Marketing your dental practice is important. You get that. But it’s also a lot of work. So while you’re focused on practicing dentistry and treating patients, who is going to step in and help you keep your marketing running full steam? Maybe the answer to your question isn’t who. But rather what. ChatGPT, an AI-based […]

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Don’t let your dental SEO company pull a (black) hat over your eyes

black hat dental seo

Every dentist wants to see results when they hire a dental SEO company to boost their rankings. And plenty of those companies promise amazing increases to search visibility and guaranteed “first page” positions. But, if you’re not careful, you can get suckered into working with a company that relies on unscrupulous tactics, commonly known as […]

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Rebranding a Dental Office? Learn the When, How and What.

dental practice branding

There are a myriad of reasons for rebranding a dental office. Regardless, having an established brand for your dental practice is imperative to reach your full potential. The right branding is the key to attracting and retaining your ideal patients and the foundation for all of your dental marketing efforts. Unfortunately, having a brand image […]

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Why dental taglines are important for your brand

Golden Proportions Marketing

Dental taglines can be one of the most challenging elements of your brand identity to create. Its job is to tell the world “why me” and make your practice memorable, all in a few short words. In fact, it can be so challenging that most dental brands lack one completely. Maybe you think you don’t […]

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Do you have authentic dental branding? The reviews are in.

authentic dental branding

The brand image for your dental practice is the foundation for all of your dental marketing. It’s what creates the first impression people have about you before they even step foot in your office. But what about after they visit you? Does the reality of who you are meet the expectations they had? If not, […]

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How often should you update your dental website?

dental website updates

Congratulations! You have a brand new dental website. Everything has been reviewed with a fine tooth comb and is absolutely PERFECT! But, unfortunately, that won’t last. Your website will slowly begin to become outdated the second it is launched. That’s just how it is. Information changes. Software gets updated. Technology evolves. If you don’t stay […]

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Make the most of your dental brand identity on your website

dental brand on website

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you have a dental brand identity established. One that looks professional and accurately represents who you are. (If not, give us a call. We happen to be experts in that area.) I’ll also assume you have a dental website design you like. […]

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