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Why You Should Add Dental Online Scheduling to Your Website

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Want to grow your dental practice? The best custom dental websites let new patients schedule their next appointment right online. Patients have been asking for dental online scheduling, and it’s time for your practice to step up. So, you’re looking over your dental office call statistics, and you notice that the phone’s going to voicemail […]

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Boost your dental lead generation with these online strategies

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What do you need in order to keep your dental practice’s schedule filled? New patients! What do you need to get new dental patients? New patient leads! Any good dental marketing strategies will be focused on dental lead generation, and converting those leads into new patients for your office. But what types of marketing work […]

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Understanding the Dental Marketing Funnel

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New patients! While we love them, and they are certainly a metric worth measuring to gauge your practice’s success, they aren’t the only audience you should be crafting a dental marketing message to. There are many stages a potential patient goes through before they become the bread and butter of your practice. And guess what? […]

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Attracting ideal dental patients made simple

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If you asked dentists to define what an “ideal” patient is, some would probably simplify it as “someone who shows up for appointments, accepts treatment plans, and pays their bills.” Yes, those are all important, but it goes deeper than that. You want to attract patients who you enjoy treating and who will be loyal […]

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Useful tips to reactivate dental patients

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Losing valued dental patients can be hurtful to your bottom line, not to mention to your self-esteem as a dentist. Getting patients back is far more cost effective than trying to generate new patients to replace them. If you follow these tips to reactivate dental patients, you should see your attrition drop and production remain […]

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