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Marketing Plan for LESS!
Written By: GPM Webmaster - September 20, 2016

Right about now, we’d like to issue 2016 a hefty speeding ticket for moving so fast. I mean, it’s almost October already? That means 2017 is just around the corner, and it’s time to take a break, and take a moment to think about what your 2017 marketing goals look like. Do you have a clear…
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Don’t Let Rogue Google Listings Hurt Your Business.
Written By: Danny Cole - September 1, 2016

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your attention to other things, someone calls you out of the blue and says your hours are wrong on your Google Plus page. “How can that be? I just checked that!” Sure enough, you find another listing for your practice or for an individual doctor in…
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The Laws of Attraction: Getting New Patients from Existing Patients
Written By: Alison Micheletti - August 11, 2016

New patients are absolutely never ever a bad thing – especially when they’ve been turned on to the practice by the happy patients who already love you and your talented team. If you’re not using your existing patient base to attract new smiling faces, then you might want try these 4 fast ways to help…
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The “It” Factors: How Patients Choose Their New Dentist
Written By: Jen Bernstein - July 12, 2016

What makes a patient choose one practice over another? That’s exactly what successful consultant and multi-practice owner Michael Abernathy, DDS asked when he surveyed over 10,000 of his own patients. Their answers were very revealing…and can be exceptionally valuable for you. Abernathy created a list of the 10 most important considerations patients make when choosing…
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To Yelp or not to Yelp?
Written By: Bess Cincotta - June 14, 2016

“We are getting hounded by Yelp. Is this for us?”   Has Yelp been knocking at your door too? Are they confusing you with options for ad-free pages, tracking numbers, pay per click, reporting and more? You’re not alone. I hear questions about Yelp more and more frequently from my clients – and yes, the…
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Make it Easy for Patients to Choose You
Written By: Alison Micheletti - June 13, 2016

New patients want to come to your practice. But do you realize your practice may be inadvertently throwing up barriers that block them from picking up the phone and making an appointment? It’s not intentional, but it’s true. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Here are 3 easy ways to break down…
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Get a FREE Website Analysis from GPM
Written By: Xaña Winans - May 20, 2016

Find out how well your site is working for you. Request your FREE SEO Analysis.   Your practice’s website is one of the most powerful marketing pieces you can have. Actually, we’d go so far as to say it’s the most powerful. But only if it’s giving both Google and your visitors what they each…
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Free Dental Marketing Tools Already In Your Office
Written By: Jen Bernstein - May 9, 2016

Take a look around your office. Open up those storage cabinets and fire up the office computer because hiding inside could be some very valuable marketing tools that you already own. We’re talking patient referral cards, email marketing, and more opportunities you already have that cost nothing to use. Read on for our top three…
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Bad Review? Five Easy Steps to Soften the Blow
Written By: Xaña Winans - April 11, 2016

  It happens. You’re running late due to an emergency, a new patient is mad their insurance doesn’t cover what they’d hoped for, or maybe you two just aren’t a personality match. Days or weeks later, you run across a review on Google or Yelp that makes you… well, yelp.   We agree with you….
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It’s Not All About Your Rank
Written By: Xaña Winans - March 2, 2016

What do you think is the most important measure of your website’s performance? If you’re like many dentists, my guess is that you care most about the rank of your site when you search for “My Town Dentist.” I mean really, that’s what everyone searches for, right? Nationally, there are about 165,000 searches a month…
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