The 6 Most Important Elements of Your Dental Brand Identity

The 6 Most Important Elements of Your Dental Brand Identity

There is no question that a strong dental logo is important to the success of your business.

Paul Rand, the legendary designer of corporate logos for UPS, IBM, and ABC, stated that “design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” Rand was referring to a brand’s visual identity, which comprises several elements that work together to literally let people see who you are, and why they should choose you instead of the dentist down the street.

The Essentials of a Strong Dental Brand

If you want your dental brand to stand apart from the competition, there are six key components you need to get right.


Naming your practice is the first step to claiming your uniqueness. Emphasizing your location, culture, services, or simply your personal name are all options. Just make sure the name you select is significantly different from your competitors, easy to remember, and true to who you really are.


A simple tagline helps to let people know why they should choose you. I know it can be tough narrowing it down to a few words. Try thinking about the greatest benefit you provide to patients and how it can be communicated in a phrase that is positive and memorable.


Your dental office logo should represent what is important to you and tie in with your office’s culture. Dental logos with teeth and smiles are everywhere. That’s not to say you can’t go that route, but if you do, make sure the design is creative and unique. And, please, make sure you use a real graphic designer to do it right. Your image is worth way more than a $5 clipart logo.

Remember to have multiple versions of your final dental logo designed for various usages based on space (vertical, horizontal, and square) and color (full color, black and white, and dark background). You’ll also need various file formats for print, online, and to supply to vendors for your dental office sign and branded giveaway items.


Color can be a strong communicator of emotion, and should be selected carefully in your logo and other elements of your visual branding. If you’re wondering why many dental logos are in shades of blue and green, it’s because those colors are associated with health, trust, and calmness.


The images you use on your website and other marketing materials need to be consistent with not just your color scheme, but also your culture. Otherwise, you’ll have a disconnect with your audience. If you are using a professional photographer, make sure he or she is familiar with your brand before starting any photo shoots.


Decide on a set of fonts you’ll use consistently across all of your marketing and office forms. Typically, you’ll want at least two fonts that work well together and can be used for different purposes. Keep in mind that some software you use in the office may have a limited set of fonts to choose from. If you need help, your logo designer can offer suggestions that match and complement your brand.

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Where to Use Your Visual Identity

Once you have the elements of your visual identity in place, you’ll want to use them consistently across all of your marketing, including your dental website, business cards, stationery, dental advertising, and signage. Don’t forget to carry your color palate over to your office design and team uniforms for a complete visual brand identity.