Dental Reputation Management: 10 Dental Review Software Solutions

Dental Reputation Management: 10 Dental Review Software Solutions

Every dental practice needs reviews

From the inception of Healthgrades in 1999, online reviews on dental reputation management has become a force to be reckoned with. The pick-a-provider world of search is here to stay.

Today, there are over a dozen different review sites that house reviews on practices just like yours, making reputation management for dental practices a critical component for businesses. From the familiar giant Google, who leads the pack with nearly 50% of the share of online reviews, to the very smallest of foes, such as the Better Business Bureau with just a handful of not-so-nice things to say, dentists have their work cut out for them managing their online reputation.

Fear not! Software developers have leapt to create solutions for this important piece of dental marketing strategies. So many, in fact, you may be confused as to which dental social media and hospitality reputation management options are best for you and your practice. Consider this list of resources a good jumping off point for finding peace in your dental reputation management.

The 10 best dental review software platforms

Amidst the rampant competition in the dental marketing industry, knowing how to increase dental reputation and manage it effectively has become a pivotal aspect if you want to build your practice’s brand. A positive online presence is vital for attracting new patients and retaining existing ones. As the digital environment continues to evolve, dentists will find engaging in dental reputation management increasingly important.

This is where specialized tools like dental review software become indispensable, offering comprehensive solutions for online dental review monitoring and response management. These dental reputation builder platforms help mitigate negative feedback and amplify and leverage positive reviews to improve your practice’s image.

To help your branding strategy, we have handpicked a list of the top 10 dental reputation management systems. Each platform is tailored to make online reputation management in dental digital marketing more efficient and effective, enhancing your dental reputation.

  1. Doctible
    • Developed for dentists. Yay! Connects with your patient software (in most cases). Saves your team from having to do the ask. (That’s why we like it.)
  2. BirdEye
    • Many dental clients in their small business category. Has a microsite with all your reviews on it. Dashboard allows you to manage all your reviews and respond to them. A mobile reputation management app makes it easy to manage reviews.
  3. Social Review Wizard
    • Automated review requests, centralized review management, and a microsite with all your reviews in one spot. What more could you need? This one’s not dental specific, but the small business offering makes this an affordable option for dentists.
  4. Podium
    • This one lets you pit employee vs. employee in a competition to achieve the best online reviews. Who doesn’t like a challenge? Great additional features to facilitate two-way texting between patients and the practice.
  5. Rave Reviews
    • Made for dentists, but usable for every industry. This software is on demand, so you send your requests with just their first name and phone number or email address. But, you have to ask.
  6. My Social Practice Reviews
    • My Social Practice is a powerhouse in the dental industry when it comes to your social media presence. If you’re already on board with them, ask about their reviews add-on.
  7. Five Star Review System
    • Reviews are important, but so are referrals! The Five Star Review System simplifies both.  This one says it allows your reviewer to send their reviews to multiple sites at one time. I don’t know how they do this, but in theory – this sounds like a good deal to me!
  8. Get More Reviews
    • 2 week free trial! Cancel anytime, no contracts. No, I’m not trying to sell it to you. But if you want to try it before you buy it, this one might be the right choice for you.
  9. Review Trackers
    • Has experience in the healthcare vertical. Partners with Hootsuite so you can get social AND manage your dental reviews in one place.
  10. Reputation Loop
    • Are you an SEO junkie? This one lets you manage your online directories in one place, too. Integrates with many practice management software programs. For a full list – check out Reputation Loop.

But Bess, what about SolutionReach, or Demandforce, or LH360 reviews? The only way your patients ever see these reviews is if they are seeking you out, by name. By that point, they are very likely a current patient anyway. While it may be frustrating, there is an added level of trust given to sites that require a user profile to comment.

How much does dental review software cost?

The cost for dental and orthodontist online reputation management software solutions varies, with prices ranging from $99/month to $349/month, depending on the functionality you decide to take advantage of. The main difference in price is whether or not you want to automate the process by connecting it to your patient management software. (Doctible, BirdEye & Reputation Loop give you that option.)  It’s not necessary to choose a dental-specific company for your review management, unless you want this type of integration.

If you are willing to make the ask, and send off the request in person as most of the dental reputation management platforms allow (some exclusively) you are more likely to get a response. If you don’t want your team to have to do one more thing, go the automated route.

Ultimately, we don’t care which one you choose. There are way more than 10 options out there. Just make sure they aren’t promising to write the reviews for you, or fix your Yelp ratings. If it sounds fishy, it probably is. Otherwise, happy shopping and keep the good reviews rolling in!