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Looking for GPM Express?

Looking for GPM Express

Golden Proportions Marketing has decided to discontinue the GPM Express website, which offered quick and easy ordering of dental office promotional items such as prints ads, postcards, banners, wall art, and referral pads. Do you need Patient Referral Pads or Dental Wall Art? No worries! Although the website will be shutting down, Patient Referral Pads […]

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5 Signs You Need A New Dental Website

new dental website

You just don’t understand! You feel like you have the best dental website that your best friend’s brother created for you five years ago. It has such nice colors and a variety of images. Then why aren’t patients trying to reach you about scheduling an appointment? I hate to break it it to you, but […]

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The Pros and Cons of Using an In-house Dental Membership Plan

brochure for dental membership plan on table - Golden Proportions Marketing

I bet you’ve never thought of Amazon as competition for your dental practice. No, Jeff Bezos hasn’t released a new, mail-order dental treatment service (yet), but he does have something you may have heard of called Amazon Prime. More than 100 million Americans subscribe to Prime, and why not? You pay a reasonable annual fee […]

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3 Easy Steps to Get More Dental Patient Referrals

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Dental referrals done right Do you know the number one most cost-effective way to generate new dental patients? Spoiler alert – it’s asking for referrals. You should be asking your dental patients for referrals every day. I know, it can be hard to get started but, with these three easy steps, you’ll be rolling in […]

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Dental Logo Design Ideas For Every Practice

dental logo design

Your dental office logo design, and by extension your dental office brand, are a critical part of your dental marketing strategy.  So how do you create a logo that reflects who you are while still keeping it user friendly?  We wanted to offer some dental logo design ideas to consider when developing your next brand. […]

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