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Three Reasons to Fall in Love with Our February Dental Marketing Ideas

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It may have an extra day this trip around the moon, but February is still our shortest month. It’s also the perfect time to show your patients some love with special February dental marketing ideas that are sure to create sparks at your dental office in all the right ways. Our dental marketing experts so […]

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How to Avoid Struggles with Dental Payment Collections

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Get paid without pulling teeth Your patients love you. Your team is happy. Your dental marketing strategies are making the phone ring. But there is still something holding you back, putting stress on your office culture – and on you. You perform great services, but when it comes to payment, well, things aren’t so hunky-dory. […]

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3 Insider Steps to Developing a Healthy Dental Practice Culture

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Does your practice need a comprehensive exam? Having a continuously healthy dental practice culture is not easy work. A positive culture takes time, repetition, and constant examination. Most of the consultants we work with here at GPM suggest that the first three steps to a positive change are uncovering the why, what, and how of […]

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Easy Tips to Impress Your Patients and Improve Your Dental Practice Culture

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The alarm rings and you throw it across the room. Who needs a reminder that it’s morning when you have been lying awake for hours dreading the time you have to go to the office? Not only is your dental team waiting with scowls on their faces, bickering over the set-up tray, patients are waiting […]

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We’ve Got Spirit. Yes We Do. We’ve Got Spirit. How About You?

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With football season in full swing, it is the perfect time to think about team spirit. Have you ever really sat down and thought about your players, their positions, and if they are playing to the best of their ability? Just like a quarterback needs his teammates, you need a good team to protect you […]

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