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Dental print ads: How to Make a Lasting Impression

dental print advertising

Dental print ads are one of the oldest, and most effective, ways to attract new patients to your practice. While most of the attention is on digital marketing, there are still opportunties for an effective, targeted print ad. Dropping a page into the “best dentist” issue of your city’s magazine, or buying an ad in […]

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Dental digital advertising vs. dental traditional advertising… the tortoise and the hare

types of dental advertising

If you were to think of your dental practice’s marketing strategy as a race to attract new patients, you could take two approaches, just like that infamous showdown between Mr. Tortoise and Mr. Hare. You can think of dental digital advertising as Mr. Hare (all fast and furious) and traditional advertising as slow and steady […]

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Dental advertising campaigns… your 6 steps to success

dental advertising campaign

If you’re using dental advertising to attract new patients to your practice, great idea! But remember, you probably won’t be very successful if you’re just randomly running standalone dental ads. To bring more patients in, you’ll need to take a strategic approach. And that means structuring complete dental advertising campaigns. If the word “campaign” sounds […]

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