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Dental Marketing Plans
Are Our Specialty

We Love It When A Plan Comes Together

“Begin with the end in mind, and you’ll end up exactly where you wanted to go.” That concept applies to just about anything in life – cross country trips, financial planning, and especially dental marketing. When a practice is ready for real, sustained growth, a well thought out strategic plan is the first step necessary to get there.

Every Practice Is Unique

Imagine this: A fellow dentist brags about his incredible results with a great dental marketing strategy. It’s been a home run. New patients are calling. Appointments are filling up. You want in, so you do exactly what they did and you get nothing. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. What on earth happened?

Custom Tailored Marketing Plans

There’s no single strategy that’s going to solve every single dentist’s problems – including yours. Rather than blindly jump into just any marketing strategy, we’ll often start by recommending a comprehensive marketing plan. Before you know it, you have a road map to your practice’s future growth.

Our planning process follows four critical steps:

Our in-depth interview teaches us what you value and where the opportunities are in your practice. We want to know it all.
We review everything. Your current marketing, your competition, your market, and your demographics. Seriously everything.
All that research means we can understand where you’re stuck, which tells us what strategies are needed to unstick you.
This is where the magic happens. We put all this knowledge into a mental blender and out comes your very own comprehensive plan.

This process allows us to look at the total health of your practice, analyze your goals, and create a research-driven plan. The resulting plan then becomes a blueprint for the growth of your practice, finally making your marketing easy.

The year passes faster than you realize, and all of a sudden it's the summer and you still don't have a plan. Your marketing efforts have been haphazard, and you find yourself throwing money at quick-fix strategies that never seem to deliver what they promised. It's a vicious cycle.

Annual Planning
Strategic Planning > Annual Planning

If you're not careful, the sirens call of an "incredible, one-time-only, must-act-now" media deal can quickly deplete your budget and hamstring your dental marketing plans. Every media rep believes that they are the answer to your prayers and can solve all your problems. Unfortunately, media rarely works that way.

Media Planning
Strategic Planning > Media Planning
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