5 dental website marketing ideas to generate more new patients

5 dental website marketing ideas to generate more new patients

So you’re searching for new dental website marketing ideas. And Google told you to come here – that must mean our very first idea (see below) is working! The real question is, why is dental website marketing so important?

For today’s modern dentists (and even not-so-modern dentists), dental websites are the foundations for most effective marketing strategies. Your website is often the first impression that people will get of you and your team. It’s where they’ll learn more about your services before they decide to schedule an appointment. It’s how they’ll find out how to contact you. Basically, it’s everything.

Knowing how important it is to get people to visit your site, how can you increase your traffic? Let’s talk about the best ways to market your practice website.

Five dental website marketing ideas to try:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

If you know anything about website marketing, you know this is a biggie. People who are conducting online searches related to their dental needs are the people who are most motivated to take action, so make sure they can find your website easily. SEO is so important that we’ve developed a complete guide to help you understand it and improve yours.

Search marketing

Also referred to as pay-per-click advertising, search marketing enhances your organic search rankings and targets your ideal patients who are searching for particular terms. Based on your targeted keywords, amount you bid, and some other factors, you can be listed at the top of the search results and above your competition. More often than not, you’ll find the most successful dental website marketing using SEO and search marketing in tandem to maximize results.

Social media marketing

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are another effective way to draw people into your dental website, especially if you have content on your site like blog articles or videos that provide useful information. Social media marketing is another big topic, and covered more in-depth in our social media marketing guide.

Much like organic search, your organic social media can get a boost by adding paid advertising options to your strategy. Social media ads can be targeted just like PPC ads, and be just as effective.

Offline marketing

Just because your dental website lives online, that doesn’t mean you can’t use traditional, offline marketing to promote it. In fact, a comprehensive strategy will make full use of options like direct mail, billboards, print ads, and radio and television commercials to move people online and into your digital marketing funnel.

Don’t forget the little things

There are also many smaller opportunities to get your dental website design in front of people that should not be overlooked. Include your web address on stationery, invoices, business cards, appointment reminders, emails, and promotional giveaways. You never know when you might catch people’s interest, and you always want your website to be easy for them to find.

Make sure your website is ready for visitors

The best dental websites are built to convert visitors into new patients. Make sure your site is a “marketing machine” with specific calls to action, easy to use contact forms, and clear contact information.

Get the dental website you’ve always wanted from the team that always delivers

Golden Proportions Marketing has built more than 500 custom dental websites for practices just like yours. Our team of marketing strategists, graphic designers, coders, writers, and dental SEO experts will work together to create a site that is uniquely perfect for your practice. Contact us today to discuss some creative, new dental website marketing ideas!