5 Simple Dental Marketing Ideas to Use Today

5 Simple Dental Marketing Ideas to Use Today

What are you doing to attract the right kind of patients to your practice? There’s actually a science behind getting them to fall in love with your practice and become a lifelong patient. Implement these 5 simple dental marketing ideas today and get prime patients tomorrow. It’s quality over quantity.

1. Dental Marketing Idea #1 – Referrals

Consider dental referrals the bread and butter of getting the right kind of patients to choose your practice over the competition. They’re hearing about your distinctive kind of care from someone that they know and trust – a family member or friend.

Sweeten the deal. (If you can.)

If you don’t have a patient referral program in place, then you could be missing out. (Note: Some states have incentive laws that don’t allow this type of marketing, so make sure you’re good to go.)

How it works is simple. Motivate current patients to recommend your practice to friends and family. If they send people your way, then they get a reward. The reward can be a gift card for a cup of coffee, a discount on their next round of dental work, or free whitening. Get some referral cards. Start handing them out. Get new patients.

2. Dental Marketing Idea #2 – Reviews

Happy patients can lead to glowing reviews and even more happy patients. All you have to do is ask. Train your team to ask patients to review you online.

It’s important to maintain your dental website marketing because that’s where your next patient is most likely searching for their next dentist. Be sure you make it very easy for someone to leave a review for you. Provide them with simple, step-by-step instructions.

If you don’t have something in place already, there are numerous, easy-to-use programs available that make getting reviews incredibly simple.

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3. Dental Marketing Idea #3 – Offers

It may be cliché, but making patients “an offer they can’t refuse” is another way to get the right kind of patients to choose your practice as their dental home. You should always provide a “call to action” with a risk-free offer that a potential patient just can’t refuse. Give them a valid, valuable reason to call YOU and not someone else. Incentives work and they can be tailored to attract the kind of patients you’re looking for.

4. Dental Marketing Idea #4 – Consistency

Being consistent with your dental marketing and your message is key to attracting quality patients to your practice. But consistency also takes a little bit of patience too. Take a look at these statistics about dental brands. (When you read them – think of your office, the services you provide, your unique style of dentistry as your brand.)

On average, 5 to 7 brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your brand. – Pam Moore

Brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times are more likely to experience brand visibility. – Lucidpress

If you’re consistent with your timing and your message, eventually people are going to take notice of what you’ve got to say and offer them that will make their lives better. Research shows that regular communication leads to exponentially higher response rates. This is crucial in dental postcard campaigns and it’s pretty much the basis of how retargeting ads work. The more people see your face, your ad, your practice – YOUR BRAND – the more likely they’re going to become curious about what you’re offering and choose you. Persistence pays.

5. Dental Marketing Idea #5 – Tracking

Tracking how your dental marketing is performing and how your target audiences responding is crucial to making sure your message is heard. Spending tens of thousands on advertising with no clear, measurable way to know what’s working – or if it’s even working, is just crazy. And yet, nearly every dentist does it, every single year.

If you’re being consistent in your dental advertising, but conveying the wrong message you may be wasting valuable marketing money that could be used elsewhere in a way that’s more profitable and beneficial to you.

Consider having a reliable system in place that allows you to track your marketing results so you know what’s working, what kind of response rates you’re getting, and what your return on investments look like.

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