Why a dental tagline is important for your brand

Why a dental tagline is important for your brand

You have all of the elements of your dental practice’s brand identity shored up. Colors. Fonts. Voice. Images. And, of course, your dental logo.

But wait! What about a dental tagline?

Maybe you think you don’t really need one. Or there isn’t one that really fits your office.

Or maybe you don’t even know what exactly a tagline is.

Having an effective tagline to accompany your logo is a powerful addition to your branding. Here’s what you should know.

What is a tagline?

A tagline is a short phrase or sentence that conveys the value of your brand. Typically seven words or fewer, they try to make a big impression with a small word count.

Taglines are often confused with slogans. The difference is that slogans are used for specific products, services or campaigns. Slogans are also short-lived, while taglines are meant to be a permanent part of your brand.

Why should you have a dental tagline?

Taglines are important because they differentiate you from your competition, even when you barely have an opportunity to capture the attention of your audience. With just a few words, you’ll give people a reason to visit your office. There are a few common types of taglines you’ll come across.

  • Descriptive: The most basic type of tagline, which states what you do or what you provide.
  • Inquisitive: Asking your audience if they have a problem that you can solve.
  • Superlative: Staking your claim that you’re the best choice.
  • Imperative: Basically, telling them what they need to do.

None of these types necessarily stand out as your best option. What will work best for your practice will depend on your services, your targeted ideal patients and, most importantly, your brand.

What makes a good tagline?

So, what does it take to come up with a perfect tagline (or at least a good one)? The best taglines tend to have three things in common, regardless of the type of business they are for.

They have clarity

With only a few words, and usually only a few seconds, to get your message across, there is no room for confusion. Make sure your tagline is easily understood.

They have creativity

Not that you need to impress people with your imaginative thinking, but you do want them to remember your tagline. Creativity helps your message stick in their memory.

They have a benefit

“What’s in it for me” is the biggest question people will want answered by your tagline. Don’t leave them wondering.

How can you discover your perfect dental tagline?

It is rare that the perfect tagline will come to mind immediately. You’ll likely need to brainstorm, and then brainstorm some more to get several possible ideas to choose from. Trust us, it can be a long, and sometimes frustrating process, but when you discover the right one, you’ll know it.

Working with a dental branding agency to develop your tagline can make the process more productive and yield a better result. Contact us today to learn about our DNA Branding Process and how it can give you the PERFECT dental tagline!