Make the most of your dental brand identity on your website

Make the most of your dental brand identity on your website

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you have a dental brand identity established. One that looks professional and accurately represents who you are. (If not, give us a call. We happen to be experts in that area.)

I’ll also assume you have a dental website design you like.

What I will NOT assume is that you make the most of your brand identity on your website. A lot of dentists, unfortunately, fall short on that. But this article will help.

The elements of your dental brand identity

Let me clarify that your brand is not just your dental logo. There are several elements that work together to form your overall identity. And they should all be woven into your dental office website design to make your brand as strong as possible.

Practice Name

Having your brand name on your website is pretty obvious, but sometimes it is done inconsistently, interchanging abbreviated forms of the name or unofficial acronyms. That can create confusion, especially when people try to look you up by name later. Try to stick to one version of your name and use it all the time.


Your tagline (if it’s a good one) will let people know at a glance what makes you different from your competition. That means it should be used in a noticeable way on your homepage, where visitors will get their first impression of you and your practice.

Brand Colors

The colors of your brand (which can be more than just the colors in your logo) should be the chromatic theme for your dental website. Nothing looks more mismatched than a logo dropped onto a website with conflicting colors.

Photos and images

You may not think of dental photography as a part of your brand, but selecting images that evoke the personality and emotional connection you are trying to establish will make your website more effective in converting visitors to patients. Color palates in your images should also be carefully considered. Images should stand out to get attention, but not stick out like a sore thumb.


Fonts are also a neglected part of dental brands. Similar to colors, your brand fonts aren’t necessarily limited to the fonts used in your logo. While websites were once limited to a narrow selection of standard fonts, today your options are almost limitless.


Even when things are in writing, they should be in a voice that is consistent with your brand’s personality. If you are a fun, friendly person but your dental website design and content comes across as serious and impersonal, people won’t really know what to expect when they meet you in person.

Dental Logo

Getting back to logos, yours should be prominent on every page of your website, typically in the top header. Also make sure you have a good branded favicon (those mini images you see in browser tabs) in place. They are tiny and your dental logo probably won’t work, so make sure your designer creates something that supports your brand.

Follow the guidelines

For all of your branding elements, remember to follow the branding guide that your brand designer provided. (If you have no idea what a branding guide is, ask us. We make sure we provide them for all clients.) That will ensure that your brand is presented on your website the way it was meant to be, so you can maintain a polished, professional appearance.

Do you need a fresh new dental brand identity? Or simply refresh the one you have? Either way, we can help! Contact us today to find out more about our DNA Dental Branding process!