Dental Call Tracking: Does Your Practice Need it?

Dental Call Tracking: Does Your Practice Need it?

The primary objective of your digital marketing strategy is to bring in new patients. But for that to happen, your phone has to ring. And while a ringing phone is good news for a dental practice, if you don’t know what marketing sources are generating the phone calls, how are you able to determine what’s bringing in those new patients?

Two words: Call tracking. 

Call tracking helps you know which ad campaign a call came from so you can track your most effective marketing channels. You can also use call tracking to tap into key metrics that help you maximize your marketing dollars, track appointment conversion rates, know your busiest time of day for phone calls, and even monitor the quality of the phone calls. Essentially, call tracking is an easy and affordable tool that can truly transform your results.

Do Your Numbers Add Up?

Making the Most of Your Marketing Spend

If you want to know which of your marketing channels are working best for you, call tracking can easily help. Dental call tracking software uses a different phone number for each marketing strategy, allowing the software to track the source of each incoming call. This information will enable you to not only monitor where the most calls are coming from, but also identify which channels bring in higher-priced procedures. 

Understanding Call Conversion Rates

Another beautiful aspect of dental call tracking is that it allows you to see how many of your incoming phone calls result in getting patients scheduled. This data helps you see which of your marketing efforts result in the most conversions rather than just incoming calls. It can also show you the percentage of calls that originate from existing patients versus calls that come from new patients. Knowing these numbers will allow you to break down your marketing budget by the most effective channel for new patients and the most effective channel for patient retention.

Planning Out Phone Support

According to Dental Economics, you could be losing up to $15,269 in revenue but not answering the phones correctly. Dental call tracking software allows you to know what time of day is your busiest, how many calls go unanswered, how many callers are leaving a voicemail and how many are not. With that information, you can make an educated decision about the amount of office staff you need and when you need them. 

Quality is key

When a new patient calls in, it’s likely the first time that they’re interacting with your practice. If their first impression is disinterested and cold or if they are asked to hold before they can say a word, it will not reflect well on your practice. You will wind up losing out on viable sources of revenue and damaging your practice’s reputation. Of course, you know the importance of quality customer service. Call tracking can help you refine your team’s phone call skills by monitoring which team member answers the most calls and books the most appointments. Some software can even offer you voice recordings of each phone call, letting you monitor each team member’s performance so you can pinpoint areas for improvement. 

Start Tracking

With how many options there are, it is easier than ever to get detailed information on the performance of your marketing efforts. Call tracking lets you monitor not only the efficacy of your marketing efforts but your team’s patient communication skills as well. With this information, you are fully equipped to generate a steady stream of patients and promote a positive reputation for your practice. 

There is no doubt about it; it’s time to track your phone calls. If you’re interested in implementing a call tracking system that’s designed specifically for marketing private dental practices like yours, contact the Golden Proportions Marketing team. Call tracking is one of our favorite topics around here, and we can help with all of your questions. 

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