Why isn’t your advertising filling your patient schedule?

Why isn’t your advertising filling your patient schedule?

You’ve always heard that advertising can be a highly effective way to fill gaps in your dental patient schedule and keep your flow of production consistent.

So, why hasn’t it produced results for your office?

You may be tempted to throw in the towel on all of your dental marketing, thinking it “just doesn’t work.” But in reality, a comprehensive strategy relies on multiple components to work in unison. And it may just be one thing that is holding everything else back. Especially if you have your marketing fragmented and in the hands of multiple vendors, rather than part of an organized plan.

It could be your branding

Your brand identity is the foundation for all of the marketing you do. If your brand does not authentically represent who you are, and why you do what you do, then it’s not likely that potential new patients will make a connection with you. Remember that branding is not just a logo. It encompasses everything from your name to your tagline to your fonts and colors.

It could be your website

Your website is likely going to provide the first impression of your office to anyone considering scheduling an appointment. If your site is outdated, poorly written, or difficult to navigate it can turn people away before they even pick up the phone. If it has been a few years or more since you’ve updated your site, it may be time to re-evaluate it.

It could be your target audience

Do you know who your ideal patients are? If you don’t have a clear, specific idea of whom you are trying to fill your schedule with, your advertising may be hitting too broad of an audience to be effective, or pulling in patients who won’t likely stick around very long. Consider the demographic and behavioral characteristics of the people who will not just fill your appointments, but also be so happy that they’ll refer other patients just like them.

Or, it actually could be your advertising

If it seems like all of the above marketing pieces are in order then yes, your advertising may be the issue after all. A dental marketing agency should be testing various targeting and messaging strategies to find the right one that works for you and delivers a favorable return on investment.

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