Use the Right Kind of Dental Internet Marketing to Attract New Dental Patients

Use the Right Kind of Dental Internet Marketing to Attract New Dental Patients

If you’re using dental internet marketing, you know that getting the best ROI depends on reaching the right people in the right place at the right time.

Are you hitting the mark when it comes to using the right types of ads for the right reasons?

Display Ads: Build awareness

To build brand awareness about your dental office and the services you provide, use display advertising. Display ads — like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Ads — are great examples of dental internet marketing that can be used to reach your ideal patients, since you can target them based on demographics and interests. They may not be looking for a new dentist yet, but you can use display ads to find your audience and start building awareness and trust.

It’s a good idea to use your display ads to capture these prospects as new patient leads. Typically, you would do this by offering something they could download or receive in exchange for providing their contact information. Once they opt into your database, you can use other dental marketing channels to nurture them until they are ready to consider your office as their new dental health provider.

Remarketing Ads: Zero in on the people who are interested

As you build your list of ideal prospects, you should continue to market (or remarket) to them. Now that you are narrowing down to the people who have shown some level of interest in your practice, you’ll see your dental marketing ROI begin to increase.

If you have collected their contact information, you can upload your database of emails to create custom audiences and send your ads only to those people. This can be a great way to supplement your email marketing, or even reach the people who have been ignoring your emails. If you want to expand your audience beyond those within your database, you can also use your email list to create a lookalike, or similar, audience with interests and demographics closely related to people on your list.

Even if you don’t have their email addresses yet, you can still retarget people who have visited your dental practice website. They are anonymous to you, but at least you know the person on the receiving end of your ad isn’t a total stranger and more likely to become a patient.

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Dental PPC Search Ads: Be there when they’re looking for you

Patients who have a specific need, or some level of urgency for dental care, will turn to search engines to find a dentist who can help them. If you are already ranking highly for the keywords they will be searching for, great! If not, then search ads are a great way to make sure your office is highly visible on the first page of search results.

If your office accepts emergency patients, then bidding on emergency based keywords will put you in front of prospects with the highest intent of taking action and calling for an appointment. Speaking of calling, Google says that most healthcare-related searches are done on a smartphone, so it’s a good idea to make your call-to-action on your ads a “Call Now” button to make it even easier for them to connect with you.

How is your ROI?

Is your dental internet marketing performing as well as it should be? If you want to find out, use our free ROI Calculator today to see if you can improve and bring in more new patients for less money.

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