Top Dental Marketing Trends for 2019


If you don’t know the dental marketing trends for 2019, you could be missing out on big way you can drive new patients to your practice. In this video, Alison is going to reveal some of the biggest trends we see on the horizon as we dive head first into a new year. Is your office prepared to make the most of your dental marketing in 2019?

Alison will tell you all about:

1) The importance of having an in-house dental plan to cater to patients who are without dental health insurance coverage.

2) Why you need to really consider adding online scheduling to your website. If you don’t have it already you could be missing out on an easy way to connect with new and existing patients.

3) All things video and why hiring a professional videographer to come to your office and film something as simple as welcome video to patient testimonials can greatly boost your business.

4) Why you should consider adding a chat tool to your dental website to help increase your new patient numbers.

Learn about all this (and more) in only a few minutes! When the video ends, don’t forget to check out our other YouTube videos. They feature FREE tips and tricks that are essential to growing your practice presence in your community and online.  

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Alison: 00:00 Want the scoop on some of the best dental marketing ideas for 2019. Hi, I’m Alison from GPM coming to you today with some of the top dental marketing trends for 2019. There are quite a few of them, so let’s get started.

Marketing an in-house dental plan

Alison: 00:19 Coming up first, in house dental plans. It should come as no surprise that one of the main concerns patients and practices alike are dealing with is dental insurance. Patients are looking for a way to make their care affordable. And practices and doctors like you are looking for ways to get more patients into the practice, and still get compensated for your work. An in house dental plan is a way that you can do both.

Alison: 00:43 Companies like BoomCloud, and Kleer make it really easy to set up your own in office dental plan that helps keep patients active in your practice and committed to treatment plans.

Add online scheduling to your dental website

Alison: 00:55 Second, online scheduling. We can do everything online nowadays, from booking a flight to booking a hotel, or even ordering a pizza whenever we want it. Your dental practice shouldn’t be any different. Utilizing online scheduling software such as LocalMed is a great way for patients to schedule an appointment online when it’s convenient for them.

Alison: 01:16 Up next, videos. This is an idea that’s been raising in popularity throughout the last couple of years, and truthfully it’s not going away any time soon. So take advantage of it. Hire a talented videographer to come into your practice. Film a welcome video. Have patients share their stories of successful treatments. Answer some frequently asked questions about specific treatments. Really there are so many options that you can use with video. Just make sure that when you have it done you feature it on places such as your website, social media, landing pages, YouTube, or you can even use one as a TV commercial.

Do you chat with patients online?

Alison: 01:54 Last, website chat. Utilizing a website chat application on your practices’ website allows patients to interact with your team before ever picking up the phone. They can ask a question about insurance. They can ask availability, or whether you do specific procedures. This is a great way to quickly build credibility with your practice and a potential patient and get them scheduled quickly.

Alison: 02:19 These are just a sneak peek of the various dental marketing ideas that we have. We have libraries full of strategies that have helped dental practices of all shapes, and all sizes reach their goals.

Alison: 02:30 Quick note here. If you are currently utilizing a marketing strategy that is working for you, don’t jump ship on it, just because something shinier came along. You can utilize additional strategies to enhance any existing successful marketing strategy. Just don’t ditch it, chancing on something else.

Alison: 02:51 We understand that trying to find the best dental marketing strategies for your office can be intimidating. We’re here to help. Just simply give us a call. Utilize our online chat on our website. Submit a question below. Or, use a contact form to schedule a free consultation with us.

Alison: 03:08 Happy New Year everybody. Here’s to a healthy and successful 2019.

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