4 More Tips for Hiring a Dental SEO Company – Part 2


Are you still looking for the perfect dental SEO company? Don’t make a decision without watching what Danny, our Director of Web Services, has to say in this short video. There are a few things you need to know and take into consideration before you sign any agreements, proceed with any work, or turn over your hard-earned money. Let Danny show you:

1) Why you need to be on lookout for any online red flags from your potential dental SEO company. (Do they have reviews? What do they say?)

2) Why it’s important that a dental SEO company be active online and generating relevant, relatable content.

3) Why you should never trust someone who is trying to woo you by making outrageous promises that simply aren’t achievable (i.e. guaranteeing immediate page one results)

4) Why you shouldn’t bother working with a dental SEO company that doesn’t know how to have open and honest communication. Transparency is always key.

5) Why you need a comprehensive approach to SEO without relying on some magic bullet theory to get the results you’re looking for.

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If you’re even the tiniest bit unsure about hiring the right dental SEO company, watch this video. It’s short and packed full of helpful tips. When the video ends, don’t forget to check out our other YouTube videos. They feature FREE tips and tricks that are essential to growing your practice presence in your community and online.  Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on social media to join in on the fun, dental marketing discussions. (We wouldn’t invite if you if we didn’t like you.)


Danny: 00:00 Welcome to this week’s marketing tip. I’m Danny from GPM, Director of Web Services. This week we’re talking about part two of what to expect when hiring a dental SEO company. Let’s get started.

Danny: 00:15 One major thing you want to look for is are there any red flags online? A dental SEO company with no reviews is just as bad as a dental SEO company with the bad reviews, so pay attention to what other people are saying about this company and, hopefully, you’ll find some valuable information. If at all possible, talk to somebody that’s worked with them before and ask about how their experience may have been.

Dental SEO companies need to walk the talk

Danny: 00:38 The next thing we want to think about is, is the SEO company active online? This could be active on social media, which is great. They’re posting content, maybe there’s even pictures of their team, some of the work they’ve done, but more importantly are they generating content? Are they informers in the industry? Are they publishing content that’s useful to you and your business? If you’ve got really great case studies, and a lot of really great information about SEO, and what to expect when working with them they’re probably a valuable company.

Danny: 01:04 The third thing to consider is are they making outrageous promises? A company promising you first page results might not be bad. A company guaranteeing it probably is out to take your money. Here’s why, first page results are hard to get, and unless a company’s doing a thorough analysis they’re not really in a position to make that promise. Be careful when you’re submitting your information to a company that promises you results without having looked at your website first. At GPM, we strongly believe that a thorough analysis is needed before any work can be done.

Does your dental SEO partner talk to you?

Danny: 01:35 Are they bad communicators? I’m not talking about what language they speak, but I’m talking about are they giving you the information you’re looking for? Let’s say, you go to a dental SEO company’s website, and you submit their form they should get back to you, and they should give you something valuable when they do that. What we’re looking for is a company that’s willing to do a free analysis or, hopefully, they have some valuable information for you on their website. If they’re not getting back to you when you first try to hire them they’re probably not going to get back to you when they’re delivering your results either. It’s incredibly important that any company you work with does a really great job of reporting the results and answering any questions that you may have.

Danny: 02:11The fifth and last thing I want you to consider, there’s no magic bullet when it comes to dental SEO. A great company is going to take into consideration all your marketing needs when building a custom strategy just for your dental practice.

Danny: 02:24 Thanks for tuning in to this week’s video. If you missed part one of this series we’ll have the link in the description below. Don’t forget, if you have any questions call us for a free consultation, visit our website and submit our contact form, or contact us on your social media platform of choice.