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You invest in clinical education because you care about advancing the health of your patients. Just don’t forget about the health of your practice in the meantime. Make sure your organization includes lectures on the business of dentistry and learns how to stay competitive in your market. Fulfill your audience’s growing demand for practice management and marketing knowledge by booking the GPM speaking team. In our lectures, your audience will learn about:

Dental SEO

Your audience will discover how dental SEO works and if their website is staying current with the latest changes

Social Media

Understand how to build a following on social media and how to keep your audience engaged

Internal Marketing

Learn the latest techniques in internal marketing for maximum referrals and retention

Dental Marketing Plans

Learn how to create SMART goals and build a comprehensive annual dental marketing plan

Marketing Team Development

Understand how to hire, train, and manage an in-house marketing coordinator

Marketing ROI

Discover the importance of campaign measurement and how to calculate your dental marketing ROI

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Choose from full-day, half-day, and 2-hour lecture topics. By the time we’re done, the world of marketing will become much clearer, and your group will walk away with dozens of immediately actionable items to improve their practice. Book your lecture today.

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