Practice Marketing Checkup

Practice Marketing Checkup [ACT Dental]

Grade your practice marketing on each statement below on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is weak and 5 is strong.

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    We create annual SMART goals that drive our practice growth
    We develop an annual strategic marketing plan that addresses each stage of the patient lifecycle
    We have an annual marketing budget based on a % of collections
    We create an annual execution calendar and assign responsibilities for the completion of each strategy and tactic
    We review our assigned marketing tasks weekly or bi-weekly as a team
    Team members are held accountable to on-time completion of assigned marketing tasks
    We schedule dedicated time each week to address assigned marketing tasks
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    We have a contemporary logo/brand identity that reflects the personality of the practice
    We have a clearly defined USP (unique selling proposition) that is articulated by our tagline
    We use our brand identity on all printed and digital patient communication tools
    Our office environment is a reflection of our branding and USP
    We participate in 3-5 community awareness events each year
    We post engaging content on social media at least 4x a week
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    We meet our new patient goals each month
    We have a digital marketing plan in place for paid search, SEO and reviews
    We have at least 2-3 consistent and predictable sources for new patients
    We use call tracking to measure all new patient lead sources
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    Our website incorporates conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies
    We convert 70% or more of all new patient calls, regardless of insurance participation
    We ask for and record the new patient referral source in our PMS for all new patients
    Our new patient conversations build value, overcome objections, build rapport and ask for the appointment
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    The doctor calls all new patients the night before their first visit
    We set clear patient expectations for time and money prior to the first visit
    We have a smooth, predictable handoff experience from beginning to end
    We provide a tour of the office for all new patients
    We discuss patient financial arrangements in a private area, away from a treatment room
    We schedule new patients for their next visit before they leave
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    We reschedule 90% or more of our active patients before they leave
    We send out appointment reminders via text or email, and call patients that don’t confirm
    We contact patients 3-5 times within the first month they are overdue for recare
    We discuss outstanding treatment in each patient visit
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    We show appreciation for our patients by thanking them in writing for any referrals
    We use review software or personally ask patients for a review at every visit
    We have an average rating of 4.7 or above on Google and Facebook
    We respond to every positive and negative review within 3-4 business days
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    We use call tracking numbers on all of our lead driven marketing campaigns
    We track both leading and lagging marketing KPIs for each strategy
    We review our KPIs monthly and strategize on anything that falls short of our goal
    We track active patients year-over-year
    We give each strategy at least 90 days before changing anything
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