Dr. John Highsmith

Comprehensive Implant Marketing Strategy Doubles Dr. Highsmith’s Revenue!

About the practice

Dr. John Highsmith practices dentistry in Clyde, NC, with an emphasis on implant dentistry. He prioritizes education, innovation, and technology as the foundations for his continued growth and success.

Dr. John Highsmith

Our DNA Marketing Process

Our successful client stories are a result of our DNA Dental Marketing Process, which builds winning strategies based on the unique Direction, Needs and Attributes of each dentist we partner with. The outcome of Dr. Highsmith’s unique DNA strategy was a great example of the kind of results our Process delivers.

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In 2017, Dr. John Highsmith already had a successful and thriving general practice that emphasized cosmetic, implant, and laser dentistry. He had invested in hundreds of hours of continuing education and built a brand around his expertise and high-quality dentistry. He reached a point in his career where he was ready to hone in on doing more of the dentistry he loved – implants. As such, we adjusted his marketing strategy with this in mind.  

Through in-depth discussions with Dr. Highsmith, we determined that the primary goal would be to attract high-quality patients seeking implants and to  increase the average new patient value from $4,000 to $6,000. We developed a marketing strategy with this new goal at the forefront.

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To accomplish these goals and help Dr. Highsmith propel his practice in the right Direction, we identified his specific marketing Needs…

  • Strengthening Dr. Highsmith’s trust and authority as the implant expert
  • Targeted Google Ad implant campaigns
  • Utilized patient reactivation of previous implant consults
  • Optimizing the website for search results
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Our creative process helped us to get to know Dr. Highsmith as a professional, relatable, approachable, understanding, well-educated, artistic, calming, humorous, comedic, and entertaining person. Those would be the traits we would focus on to develop his marketing components and messaging.

Putting the plan into action

The DNA marketing plan was rolled out over a five-year period through a series of coordinated strategies.

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Strengthening Dr. Highsmith’s brand

Building on previous success Dr. Highsmith had strengthening his brand awareness through traditional media like print, radio, and tv, several patient testimonials were gathered and posted on Google to further establish Dr. Highsmith’s brand image. This social proof was also used throughout his new digital marketing campaigns.

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Google Ads

A Google Ads campaign was created that built a highly targeted audience of implant patient leads by using a qualifying quiz. Knowing these patients may not be fully in the buying mindset, the approach was to trigger a drip campaign providing them with additional information and details to help them make a decision that addressed their pain points – namely time, fear, and money.

implant marketing

Patient reactivation

Email campaigns were developed to convert previous implant consultations into patient appointments. A strategically designed sequence of educational emails resulted in a 10% response rate in the first year.

implant marketing

Optimizing the website for search results

The practice’s website and Google Business Profile were optimized for search results directly related to dental implants. We highlighted what sets Dr. Highsmith apart from other implantologists, including his advanced levels of experience, education, accreditations, and innovation.

Seeing the results

The DNA marketing strategy produced steady, measurable results, culminating in the average new patient value surpassing the $6,000 goal in 2023. His implant cases grew significantly, bringing in higher-quality, higher-value patients.This growth contributed to doubling his revenue in 5 years time, growing from a $2M practice in 2017 to a $4M practice in 2023!

Dr. John Highsmith

“The innovative process that Golden Proportions Marketing went through to develop my unique marketing strategy produced results that surpassed my expectations. From the very beginning, I was confident that they were the right partner to help me grow my practice.”

– Dr. John Highsmith