Show and Tell: Use Dental Video to Answer Your Patients’ Questions

Show and Tell: Use Dental Video to Answer Your Patients’ Questions

By some estimates, nearly 75% of the American public have some level of anxiety about visits to the dentist. That means you have an uphill battle trying to comfort new patients who will be coming to your office for the first time.

Showing is often more effective than telling, which is why dental office videos are a great tool for starting your relationship on the right foot and helping them feel at ease by answering some of the biggest questions and concerns they will have. 

What is the doctor like?

Choosing a dentist goes beyond just finding someone who knows what they’re doing. Your patients need to trust you and like you. If you’ve never met before, then a good video can help bridge that gap and give you an opportunity to introduce yourself with something more engaging than a biography that reads like a résumé.

Share interesting personal information about yourself (with the emphasis on interesting), your philosophy about treating patients, your qualifications, and even some amusing stories to break the ice. Try to avoid sounding scripted. Just speak to the camera like you would speak to them in person.

Do they have a nice office?

Dental office tour videos can alleviate a lot of the anxiety of entering an office your patient has never visited before. Try to anticipate what their concerns may be, especially if it involves infection control you have in place for your office environment. Make sure the office is clean and uncluttered so you can show that you pay attention to even the smallest details.

Will I like the staff?

Sharing some “behind-the-scenes” videos of your team being silly between appointments or interacting with patients can show your fun side and make a visit to the dentist seem less intimidating. You still want to show your professionalism, so recording video clips from your hygienists and assistants demonstrating tips for home dental health care can help position your team members as trusted advisors as well.

What do other people think of this dentist?

Your new patients will probably check out your online reviews and your dental office website before deciding to visit your office, but you have the advantage of sharing actual video testimonials from some of your happiest patients to reassure new patients that they are making the right decision. Watching a real person speak in their own voice to share their own opinion can be a powerful persuader.

What will happen during my appointment?

People will tend to imagine the worst when it comes to getting a dental procedure they aren’t familiar with. (Does anyone ever look forward to a root canal?) By creating videos that explain the procedure step by step, some of the mystery (and fear) can be minimized before the patient even sits in the chair.

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How do I do this?

The best dental websites offer newer technologies like online scheduling, bill paying, or teledentistry, but your patients may be confused about how to use them. Short, simple, how-to tutorials can help make using those tools less confusing and more convenient, like they’re intended to be.

Are you ready to show patients what you’ve got?

Since you’ll be attracting more visitors to your blog and website with video content, make sure you’re also prepared to convert them to patients. Use our Dental Website Conversion Scorecard to see if you’re ready for showtime.

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