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It’s no secret that happy people make the best employees

Happy team members are easy to spot in your office. You see it in the work they do, in the care they give to their patients, and in how they treat one another.

It’s no different at our dental advertising company. Everyone on the GPM team plays an intricate role in your success. So to add balance to our busy schedules, we block time here and there for something fun that’s always good for a few laughs and often some friendly competition. It makes for a pretty awesome place where we’re all rather proud of the work we do.

We challenged our teams to come up with super creative, super tasty grilled cheese sandwiches. Ahh the taste of victory!

2019 Grilled Cheese Cookoff
September 26, 2019

Every summer we take a trip to Knoebels Grove Amusement Park and spend the day playing games, riding rides, and having tons of fun as a team.

2019 Knoebels
August 21, 2019

On a brutally hot summer’s day, there’s nothing better than the jingle of the local ice cream truck pulling up in your parking lot!

2019 Ice Cream Truck
July 17, 2019

Time for the Easter Egg Hunt! Xana hides one dollar bills inside plastic eggs all over our old, historic building.

2019 Easter Egg Hunt
April 17, 2019

We love to celebrate at GPM – the year, the holidays, the successes we’ve shared, and our amazing team! Beautiful venue, awesome food, laughs and just a few drinks were had at our annual holiday party.

2018 Holiday Party
December 15, 2018
Team photo GPM Christmas party 2018

This year, in lieu of sending holiday gift baskets to our clients, we went out and bought toys for families in our local community instead! We had a ton of fun shopping for Toys for Tots.

2018 Toys for Tots Shopping
December 13, 2018
Alison and Danny

Halloween is always a great time at our office. Just look at what these creative geniuses come up with!

2018 Halloween
October 31, 2018

Time for a team cookoff! Our creative minds came up with some pretty delicious culinary creations.

2018 Slider Cookoff
September 17, 2018
plate of sliders

As a prize for completion of some seriously hard goals, the boss arranged a day of visiting local wineries via charter bus!

2018 Winery Tour
August 30, 2018
wine trip group

What’s better than getting paid to ride roller coasters, eat ice cream and battle it out in laser tag? Not much, other than our team holiday party. Check out our annual summer trip to Knoebels!

2018 Knoebels
August 13, 2018
Entire GPM team laser tag 2018
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