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The life

John Cleese once said, “If you want creative people, give them time to play.” We couldn’t agree more. To keep minds fresh, we carefully carve time out of our schedules for team bonding and creative play. Sure, there’s the usual pot luck lunches and summer cookouts, but we like to go a little farther.

The annual Easter Egg hunt brings out the child in everyone and turns our office upside down in the process. There’s also surprise bowling, pumpkin carving (followed a week later by pumpkin chucking competitions off the deck), and office Olympics.

Easter Egg Hunt 2017

It’s an Annual Event we all look forward to . . . the GPM Easter Egg Hunt. We arrive early in the morning, are each handed a basket and then, WE’RE OFF AND RUNNING. The entire office is filled with hidden eggs containing cash. And, then there are the games… Some good ones this year that not only were tricky but TIMED. We’re a competitive bunch and brought our A-game.


Christmas Party 2016

The year flew by and we were ready to end it in style. Amazing food and drink, wonderful company and conversation, all taking place in a beautiful venue. We celebrated each other and the season. We can’t wait for next year’s party!

Ice Cream Truck

With half of the US in a bona fide heat wave, what better way to cool off than a visit from the Ice Cream Truck? Twists, sprinkles, caramel, and cherries make for a perfect afternoon treat.

Miranda Baby Shower

Hearty congratulations to Miranda on the birth of her beautiful daughter. We, yet again, managed to surprise a co-worker – no small feat I might add – with a surprise shower. We combined two days of celebration – GPM’s 15th Anniversary and Miranda’s Shower. The plan was to tell Xaña the surprise was for Miranda’s shower, and tell Miranda the surprise was for Xaña and the 15th Anniversary, which was being passed off as a group luncheon. We had both ladies in a “last-minute” meeting together and each were told quietly to prolong the meeting / delay the arrival of the other for the surprise celebration. Each thought they were delivering the other person to her surprise party. Notice the confusion on each of their faces. Love it!

Christmas Party 2015

Every year we have so much fun at our annual GPM Christmas Party, and this year was no exception. Fabulous food, fantastic drinks, and a fun little gift exchange made for a night filled with merry laughter and happy smiles.

Corn Maze

For Dawn’s birthday we not only celebrated with a fantastic lunch, but also a fun adventure through a corn maze. Of course, knowing us, we had to turn it into a competition! Dawn’s team was the first team to complete it. Bragging rights for the birthday girl!