How to Design a Logo that “Wows”


Does your dental logo get more “hmms and huhs” than “wow.” There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to designing the right logo that’s going to represent you, your office, and your overall brand. You’re crash course in dental logos that get noticed starts today when you press play.

Our very own Xaña Winans, CEO and owner of Golden Proportions Marketing, the country’s leading dental marketing company, will give you four must-have tips that any dentists or dental specialists looking for logo help absolutely need to know. Having the right logo is more than just critical to how patients perceive your office or even the kind of care you give, it’s also a crucial initial step in creating a beautiful, cohesive brand. Press play and get four eye-opening things everyone needs to know about effective dental logo design.

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In the words of the iconic graphic designer Milton Glaser himself, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” So… does your dental practice logo “wow?”

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, CEO and owner of Golden Proportions Marketing, the country’s leading dental marketing company. We’re experts on all types of dental marketing, but it all starts with your brand. Today, I’m here to tell you our top 4 tips to consider during step one of creating a beautiful, memorable and cohesive brand; designing your logo.

  • Color: It’s not just about what your favorite color is. Deciding on what brand colors to use in your logo design ultimately reflects on your dental practice’s personality and tone. When choosing colors, think about what you want your patients to feel when walking into your practice: do you want a brand that is fun and upbeat? Use bold and vivid colors in your design. Looking for something more tranquil and calm? Use more earthy and neutral tones.
  • Fonts: Using fonts that compliment each other is the best way to create a logo that looks balanced and aesthetically pleasing. For example, try using a serif font for your practice name and a sans-serif font for your tagline or doctor name(s). Also consider the type of font you’re using and how that stylistically speaks to the goal of your branding. It’s funny how one simple font change can really change a message… 

Whatever you do, don’t use Comic Sans.

  • Usage: When designing your logo, take into consideration where it will be used. What kinds of “swag” do you plan to use it on? Depending on how big or small you may need the logo to be, it may be better to consider a landscape format for your design, or maybe a square. Or if you really want to impress people, design a logo that has an icon which can be used independently, and away from your dental practice’s name but still easily identified. Can you think of any popular logos that do that successfully? 
  • Iconography: Speaking of designing a logo with a memorable icon in mind, you’ll also want to consider using artwork that reflects the nature of your business, without being too literal. The obvious choice for most of you Dentists would be to use a tooth in your logo, because duh. That makes sense, right? Rather than slapping a tooth beside a few letters, consider a more abstract approach like our clients at Lompoc Family Dental. Do you notice their tooth icon is made up of the initials of their practice, “LFD?” Brilliant! Or, try using something that speaks to your practice’s location and surroundings. I bet you can guess where Dr. Crosby is located without even having to Google him.

Sometimes, it can be pretty difficult to design a great dental logo that will represent your values, appeal to your patients, and not land you on a Buzzfeed article about questionable design, like these guys. Fortunately, we’re here to make sure you don’t land your dental practice on that list.

If your logo looks tired, or if you’re just tired of your logo, we can help. The team at Golden Proportions Marketing has created hundreds of custom logos over the years and I personally guarantee our team can design a logo that “wows,” for your dental office. Thanks for watching!