Does Your Dental Website Have Duplicate Content?


Does your dental website have duplicate content? We hope the answer is “no” because this makes Google mad. In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom our copywriter Miranda is going to show you why dental websites with duplicate content are frowned upon and actually scare potential patients away instead of converting them to a new patient call.

Miranda covers everything you need to know about duplicate content in your dental website, answering questions like:

1) What the heck is duplicate content? It can be pretty straightforward or a little complicated depending on how you look at it.

2) Why is duplicate content a bad thing for my dental website? Trust us, it just is. Why does Google hate it? Trust us, it just does.

3) Why do patients want to see original, relatable content on your dental website? It’s going to have a more significant impact on them than your cookie-cutter content.

how does your website stack up?


Miranda: 00:00Hey everybody. This is Miranda Orso], copywriter at GPM, and I’m here with another edition of Wednesday wisdom.

Miranda: 00:06 Today we’re gonna talk a little bit about duplicate content. What is it? Why is it bad?

What is duplicate content on a dental website?

Miranda: 00:11Duplicate content simply means that there’s web content out there that’s similar, if not the same, and it’s showing up on multiple websites. What happens is this is confusing for Google, and it could be detrimental for you if you have it on your site in terms of search engine results.

Why Google hates duplicate content on your dental website

Miranda: 00:28 A great article that I read on Yoast. com actually breaks it down like this. You come to a point in the road where there’s two signs, and they’re both headed in separate directions, but they have the same final destination. That’s kind of how Google sees duplicate content. It doesn’t know which way to go when there’s two of the same, or more, similar things. It’s kind of confusing for Google.

Miranda: 00:51 As a reader, or the person searching for the information, you’re going to get what you’re looking for. The issue is really going on behind the scenes with the search engine confusion. It doesn’t know which website to show in the search results without showing the same thing twice.

Miranda: 01:05What you think to think about in terms of your dental practice is your content on your website original? Do you have a templated website that maybe has copy on it that’s appearing on another dental website or multiple dental websites? If so, it could be confusing to Google and it could be detrimental to your search results.

Why dental patients want to see original content

Miranda: 01:25We always tell you that custom copy and custom photography is the best way to go, especially in today’s digital age, your website has to be very unique and it has to be a good representation of you, your vision, your brand, and definitely has to come through in your own unique voice. Try to avoid duplicate content if you can, and consider writing your own custom copy or hiring someone to do it for you if you don’t already have it. You’re going to get a better representation of your brand. You can enjoy possible protection from any legal issues that might occur if you have duplicate content, and you can make your dental SEO and rank maybe appear a little bit higher if you have your own custom content.

Miranda: 02:08 I hope you’ve learned a little something today, and thank you for joining me in today’s edition of Wednesday wisdom. Feel free to like or share this video and tune in next week. Thanks.

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