Dental Videos: Do You Need Them On Your Dental Website?


Does your website have dental videos? If you’re not making the most of this tool, then you’re missing out. On potential patients. On increased revenue. In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Jake breaks down why dental videos on your site might be the boost you need to stand out from the competition. Watch. Learn. Do!

Trust Jake to walk you through all of this:

1) The numbers don’t lie. Jake has some pretty staggering statistics you need to hear to believe. It will make you want to add dental videos to your site ASAP.

2) Posting just any old dental video simply won’t do the trick. Are you ready to learn about what kinds of videos you should post and what potential patients are looking for when they visit your dental website? You’ll have to press play to find out.

3) Is it OK to have fun with your dental videos? It is and you should. Let Jake show why.


Jake: 00:01 Hi. Welcome to this week’s edition of Wednesday Wisdom. My name is Jake Weber, a website project manager here at Golden Proportions Marketing. Today, I want to talk to you about the power of utilizing a well shot, and well scripted dental video in your dental website marketing.

Why your dental website should feature video

Jake: 00:17 WordStream did a wonderful survey for us, and showed us that of those companies with an online presence, anybody with a website or AdWords, et cetera, 87% of them utilize video. If you’re not using this awesome tool, you’re late to the party. Those companies that did utilize video, saw a 49% faster revenue growth by using video, as compared to their counterparts. Finally, that video was shown to improve organic traffic growth by 157% … some pretty awesome numbers when we’re talking return on investment.

What types of dental videos should I shoot?

Jake: 00:54 There are a couple video styles that we would recommend that you implement. The first one would be a nice well shot and well scripted Welcome to the Practice video. This doesn’t have to be a long video. It could be a time for your doctors or staff to walk through the office and explain their philosophy of care, as well as the treatment they plan to provide to the community around them. Another style would be testimonial style, where you could bring in a patient that you’ve significantly improved their way of life by bringing them a brand new smile, and having them come in a talk about how awesome you are.

Having fun with dental videos

Jake: 01:25 Finally, and this has been discussed in other Wednesday Wisdom’s, just have fun with it. There could be a nice short 10 to 15 second video that you place on your YouTube or Instagram account. Filming Wacky Wednesday or a team lunch or dinner goes a long way to bring a personality to the office and really connect with your patients. Thank you for joining me for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom. We look forward to seeing you next week.

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