December 5th, 2018

The Dental Marketing Funnel

You want more new patients (who doesn’t???) but potential patients just aren’t responding to your messaging. It could be due to where your message hits them in the dental marketing funnel.  Check out today’s #WednesdayWisdom with Bess to learn more about the Dental Marketing Funnel.

Who is your perfect marketing partner?


Bess: 00:00 Does your dental practice need more new patients? What if I told you new patients may not be the answer?

Bess: 00:07 Hi. I’m Bess Cincotta, account executive here at Golden Proportions Marketing, and, today, I want to talk about the Dental Marketing Funnel. Marketing is about so much more than new patients. Each stage of the funnel is important. Here they are.

Dental marketing funnel stage 1

Bess: 00:23 The first stage is awareness. Do people in your community know you exist? Fair warning, awareness is not the type of marketing that’s going to drive new patients immediately. Think signage, radio, television, and even digital display advertising.

Dental marketing funnel stage 2

Bess: 00:42 Next up is lead generation. These are your new patient driving strategies. What are you doing to make the phone ring? Direct mail, Google AdWords, SEO. Make sure that you can be found.

Dental marketing funnel stage 3

Bess: 00:55 Further down the funnel, lead conversion. If people are getting to your website, but they’re not calling you or if they’re making phone calls, but you’re not seeing the new patient numbers reflect it, maybe we need to change the messaging or maybe we need to do some team training. If we’re getting calls and site visits, all of that doesn’t matter if you’re not getting patients in the chair.

Dental marketing funnel stage 4

Bess: 01:21 Now, onto treatment plan conversion. Hooray! We got them in your chair, but that implant case or Invisalign consult isn’t going to sell itself. Did your team provide an experience or perhaps even the materials to leave that patient to believe that they need not look anywhere else? Let’s not let that high value patient walk out the door.

Dental marketing funnel stage 5

Bess: 01:47 Next up, retention. Humans have competing priorities in life, and the fact is you have to fight to be one of them. Appointment reminders, texts, emails, phone calls, even postcards, patients need them. Attracting a new patient is a lot more expensive than keeping an existing one.

Dental marketing funnel stage 6

Bess: 02:06 Last, but not least, advocacy. This one’s the best one so it shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have done everything right up until this point, you have created yourself a fan. These are the patients who will go on Google and leave you a glowing review and gladly share your practice with their family and friends, both in person and in social media. Make it easy for them to do this. Ask for them to do this and reward them for doing this. The best patients you’ll get at your practice come from other patients, not from a postcard.

Bess: 02:41 In a perfect world, the Dental Marketing Funnel is about attracting and retaining lifelong patients to your practice and motivating them to become your enthusiastic marketing army. New patients matter, but they’re not the only thing that matters. If you’re planning for your practice a success, make sure you look at each stage of the Dental Marketing Funnel.

Bess: 03:03 Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of Wednesday Wisdom. Tune in next week for another tip.

who is your perfect marketing partner?