YouTube Marketing for Dentists


YouTube marketing for dentists is trending. That’s right; you heard it here first. It’s time to start considering if your office belongs on the Internet’s second biggest search engine (that’s YouTube who’s owned by the largest search engine, Google). These two work together, so having a presence, especially one that gets you some YouTube views can help boost your Google search results too.

Are you intrigued yet? Watch this short video courtesy of Jeff. He’s going to tell you why exactly YouTube marketing for dentists is gaining momentum around the country. There are a lot of eyes spending a lot of time watching YouTube videos every single day, around the world. You create a channel for your office, then a video, and post it. Sounds easy enough? It’s free dental marketing.

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Press play and be blown away by some stats and tips that can help boost your YouTube knowledge and how it can be a strategic part of your successful marketing plan all aimed at getting you more new dental patients.

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You already know YouTube is a great place to watch cat videos or learn how to cook a brisket for your in-laws, but did you know it’s also a great place to promote your practice to new patients? Watch and find out why YouTube is your new favorite place for digital marketing for dentists I’m Jeff Sebasovich with Golden Proportions Marketing, and I’m here to tell you why YouTube is trending in online marketing for dentists around the country.

The first reason to advertise on YouTube is viewer engagement. Do you know that if somebody watches 30 seconds of a TrueView ad, they’re 23 times more likely to interact with that brand? They could go to your YouTube channel to watch more videos, they could subscribe to your channel, or they could share your videos with their friends. Television never came close to those kind of response numbers.

The second reason to market your dental office on YouTube is that half of their 1.3 billion users are in your 35 to 64 age sweet spot. If you’re looking for new dental patients who need restorative work or elective dentistry procedures, they’re most likely gonna be online doing homework first.

Imagine your ad for dental implants showed just prior to a video on YouTube explaining how dental implants work, or if your commercial for your dental plan showed just prior to a video on YouTube explaining how dental insurance falls short for most people and their coverage needs. It’s like your message was custom built for them.

The third and most important reason to advertise on YouTube is the targeting. Since YouTube is owned by Google, you can target based on age, sex, location, or even interests. By doing that, you can make sure that your videos and your commercials are really tailored to your audience. And, since it’s all digital, you have detailed analytics that you can look at for your video ads. You can see how long people watched your video, how many people watched your video, or if they interacted further with your brand, and you can use all these to help refine your message.

Thanks for joining me today. If you have any more questions on how to set up a successful YouTube channel or how to better advertise on YouTube, please send me an email, We’d love to help you capture more dental patients with smart, targeted digital dental marketing strategies.